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Special Agreement for additional contributions by Customs Agency workers affected by Spain joining the Single European Market

You can click through to the Procedures and Formalities section to view a simplified version.


Being affiliated in the service of a customs agency on 01-01-1992 and being discharged from the same for the period from 1 January to 31 October 1993.

Being affiliated or having an equivalent status in any Social Security scheme on the date of requesting the special agreement and contributing, where appropriate, with a lower base than would have been payable if they had kept their jobs in such companies, on the same date and duly updated.

Not having acquired the status of retirement pensioner or permanent disability pensioner, prior to 01-01-2008, in any scheme of the Social Security system or other social protection public scheme.

How and when to apply

Apply for the Special Agreement by presentating the corresponding form (form TA-0040) and accrediting affiliation in a customs agency on 01-01-1992, and being discharged between 1 January and 31 October of 1993, before the Provincial Office of the Social Security Treasury General or its Administration.

Applications may be submitted:

- Before 31-01-2010

- At any time that meets the requirements.


It shall take effect:

From 01-01-2008, if the subscription application is submitted within the three calendar months following the entry into force of the Royal Decree (until 31-01-2010).

From the first day of the month following the filing of the application, if this was done outside the period prescribed above.

Grounds for Termination/Suspension

Grounds for suspension:

During periods in which their contributions to the Social Security system for other activities exceed those that would have corresponded to their positions in the customs agencies, once updated.

Grounds for termination:

Due to any of the causes provided for in paragraphs b) to e) of Article 10.2 of Order TAS/2865/2003, of 13 October.

Who can receive it?

Workers who lost their jobs in the restructuring process of companies in the customs agency sector as a result of the incorporation of Spain into the European Single Market (which occurred on 01-01-1993).

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