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RED System access

In order to use the RED System, (RED Internet, RED Direct and Direct Settlement System) you must be duly authorised by the TGSS.

In order to access this service you must have a Silcon Digital Certificate  or any other valid digital certificate , which guarantees the security and confidentiality of all actions.

  • Unlike the Silcon Certificate, other digital certificates in software form issued by recognised Certification Authorities store certificates in the operating system, so that access to the private key of the certificate, in the most common configuration, is available to any person using the computer.
    This is why it is necessary to protect the certificate with a password or cryptographic device. Thus, when the browser or other application requires the use of the private key of the digital certificate, permission and a password is required.
    This recommendation is very important for users who normally share the computer with other users in the company/office, to avoid use of the certificate without the authorisation of the owner.
    Certificates stored on cards or cryptographic devices protect the private key with the PIN code of the cryptographic device, meaning that additional steps are not necessary.
    The attached document gives details of recommendations for use of digital certificates.

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