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Affiliation, termination of affiliation, and data changes in the Social Security General Scheme


General Information


Registration, deregistration and changes in data must be reported to Social Security to let them know when an employee begins working, when they cease to work and when there are any changes to the personal and employment data of workers affiliated to Social Security.


The employer is required to request registration or deregistration and to report any changes to their employees' data. This obligation may be carried out, by mutual agreement, by a worker who works for less than 60 hours per month for an employer.

Where to process it:



Applications for Registration:

  • Up to 60 days prior to the beginning of the work relationship.

Applications for Deregistration:

  • 3 calendar days after stopping work.

Data modifications:

  • 3 calendar days.


  • Registrations presented in advance come into effect on the day the person starts work.
  • Registrations presented after the deadline will come into effect from the day on which the application is presented, unless the contributions have been paid within the regulatory time period in which case the registration will be backdated to the date on which the first contributions were paid for the worker in question.
  • Registrations at the initiative of the administration will be backdated to the date on which the circumstances for which they were presented become known.


  • Deregistration of the employee will come into effect from the date they stop work.
  • The worker's application for deregistration means they are no longer obliged to make contributions after the date of termination of employment. 
  • If deregistration is requested outside the time period, the requirement to make contributions will end on the day that the Social Security Treasury General becomes aware of the employment termination.
  • When the Social Security Treasury General processes deregistration at its own initiative, the obligation to make payments will come to an end on the day on which the inspection is carried out, or on which they receive the information or documents that provide evidence of the employment termination.
Other important information:

The employer is obliged to report registrations, deregistrations or changes in the data of employees that work for their company. Should they not do so, the worker  may do it directly at the Social Security Treasury General.
When neither the company nor the worker have performed them, registrations, deregistrations or data changes may be performed by the Provincial or Administrative Office of the Social Security Treasury General.

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