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Procedure for the non-economic benefit for caring for a child, a fostered minor or other family members.

Below are details of the general procedure

What is a non-economic benefit?

It is a family contribution benefit in which contributions are considered to have effectively been made in the following situations:

  • The first three years of the period of leave due to workers for the care of each child or fostered child.  
  • The first year of the exemption period enjoyed by  workers in order  to  care for  other family members.
  • An increase of up to 100 per cent of contributions made in certain cases of reduced work hours for caring for minors or people who are disabled.

What formalities are necessary?

The company must inform the Treasury General of the Social Security of the start and the end of the leave period and the job reservation.

Where is it processed?

Through the RED  system or any Administration of the Social Security Treasury General (TGSS).

Acknowledgement of the contributions is made by the Treasury General of the Social Security (TGSS).

What is the term for applying for the benefit?

The right to receive this benefit does not expire, and it can be applied for at any time.


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