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Procedure for Temporary Disability

Below are details of the general procedure

What is Temporary disability?

It is a daily subsidy which covers the loss of income while the worker is temporarily incapable of working and receives medical assistance from the Social Security system.


When does it begin?

  • For common diseases or non-work-related injuries, from the 4th day of the leave.
  • For work-related injuries or occupational diseases, from the day following the date of leave.

What are the procedures and where do they have to be carried out?

From the start of receiving the benefit until 365 have passed:

  • The Public Health Service or, where appropriate, the Mutual Societies Partnering with Social Security and the collaborating companies, will issue the sick leave, confirmation of sick leave and medical discharge certificates.
  • The National Social Security Institute (INSS)  and, where appropriate, the Social Marine Institute (ISM), through their medical inspectors, can issue medical discharge certificates that are valid for all legal purposes.

Once 365 days have passed, the INSS or ISM are the only bodies with authority to grant an extension, open a Permanent Disability file, issue a medical discharge certificate, or issue a new sick leave certificate if this takes place within a period of 180 days after the medical discharge certificate is issued for the same or similar pathology. 

What is the maximum duration of the benefit?

If it is for a disease or injury it will last for 365 days. This can be extended by a further 180 days if during this period the person is expected to be cured.

When do benefits end?

  • When the maximum specified period has elapsed.
  • Due to medical discharge.
  • Upon becoming a pensioner.
  • Due to failure to submit to the physical check-ups.
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