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Protection for Cessation of Activity


Procedure for applying for Benefit due to Cessation of Activity

General Information


This is a benefit granted to self-employed workers who find themselves in the legal status of termination of activity. Such a termination of economic or professional activity must be total and may be permanent or temporary.

This benefit includes the payment of a financial benefit every month and Social Security contributions for common contingencies.


All Offshore workers who are self-employed and Shipowners with the condition of workers employed by another Person who have paid professional contributions and cessation of activity by the Social Marine Institute.


Affiliated with Social Security and registered in the Special Sea System, have the professional and termination of activity contingencies covered and be up-to-date on payment of Social Security charges.

Have a minimum contribution period for termination of  activity of twelve continuous months immediately preceding the legal status of termination of activity, with the month of the event that caused the termination of activity being included in this calculation.

Be in the legal status of termination of activity.

Sign the activity commitment to maintain the benefit in order to carry out training, professional guidance and promotion of entrepreneurial activity actions to which they are called.

Be under the ordinary retirement age, unless they do not have proof of the contribution period required for this.

That none of the incompatibilities set forth in Law 32/2010 of 5 August, exist.


The benefit amount will be 70% of the Base Pension, calculated according to the average of the bases for which the worker contributed during the 12 months preceding the legal status of termination of activity.

The maximum amount will be 175% of the Public Indicator of Multiple Effect Income (IPREM), except when the workers has one or more dependent children, in which case, the amount will be 200% or 225% of this indicator, respectively.

The minimum amount will vary between 107% and 80%, depending on whether the self-employed worker has dependent children or not.

The minimum amount will not be applicable to those self-employed workers that contribute for a base pension below the minimum.

Duration of the Benefit:

In general terms, the period for which the benefit can be received will be calculated based on the age and contribution periods of the worker within the 48 months preceding the legal status of termination of activity.

 More Information

Time period:

The application can be submitted up to the last day of the month following the month in which the activity terminated.

The entitlement to the benefit arises from the first day of the month following the month in which the event causing the termination took place, provided that the application is submitted before the deadline.

In the case of applications submitted after the deadline has passed, the entitlement arises the same day the application is submitted. The days that elapse between the application deadline date and the actual application date will be lost.

More Information


Benefit Application

Information Folder

  • Benefit for Termination of Activity official application form, duly completed.
  • Proof of identity of the applicant and co-habiting or dependent children that appear on the application, using the following original and valid documentation:
    • DNI (National Identity Document)
    • NIE (Foreigner Identity Number)
    • Family Record Book, or equivalent document in the case of foreigners.
    • Official document certifying the degree of disability.
    • Judicial decision or deed formalising the fostering arrangement.
    • Ruling and/or regulating settlement agreement in the case of separation or divorce.
    • Documents providing proof of the dependent children's income
  • Documents providing proof of the legal situation of Termination of Activity.
Where to process it:

The Benefit for Termination of Activity Application should be submitted to the Mutual Society with which it has professional contingencies covered or to the Public State Employment Service if they are covered by the National Social Security Institute (INSS) or in the Provincial Head Offices and Offices of the Social Marine Institute (ISM) in their area in the case  of Special Sea System (REM) workers whose professional contingencies are covered by the ISM.

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