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Coming into force

The Multilateral Ibero-American Social Security Agreement is an instrument for coordinating the Social Security legislation on pensions of the different Ibero-American Countries that ratify the agreement and, in addition, sign the Implementation Agreement.

The Multilateral Ibero-American Social Security Agreement was signed on 10 November 2007. Its entry into force took place on 1 May 2011,   after its ratification by seven States. Nevertheless, for its effecitve entry into force in the State Parties which have confirmed it, it is necessary that these State Parties sign its Implementing Agreement.

To date, the two conditions indicated in the previous section have been met by Spain, Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, El Salvador, Ecuador, Paraguay, Portugal and Uruguay. In Spain and Bolivia, the Agreement is effective from 1 May 2011, in Brazil from 19 May 2011, in Ecuador from 20 June 2011, in Chile from 1 September 2011, in Uruguay from 1 October 2011, in Paraguay from 28 October 2011, in El Salvador from 17 November 2012, in Portugal from 21 July 2014 and in Argentina from 1 August 2016.

If there are Bilateral Social Security agreements between State Parties, the provisions which are more favourable to the interested party shall apply. In the case of Spain, there are Bilateral agreements with Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, Paraguay and Uruguay.

The texts of the Multilateral Ibero-American Social Security  Agreement and  its Implementation Agreement were published in the Official State  Gazette of 8 January 2011.

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