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Electronic ID

What is the Electronic ID?

The Electronic National Identity Document (eID) is the document that proves the personal identity of its owner physically and digitally and allows documents to be signed digitally.
Its main advantage is that, as well as identifying the user to third parties, it allows the use of an electronic signature. The new DNI means security, speed, ease of use and the immediate realisation of administrative and business procedures online.   

An electronic chip holds the same data that are printed on the physical ID card (personal information, photograph, digitised signature and digitised finger print) plus the Authentication and Electronic Signature certificates.

The electronic certificates on the chip are valid for 30 months. After this time, new certificates can be requested but keeping the same ID card information, if this document is still valid.

With an eID we can guarantee the identity of the parties in an on-line communication, whether it be to exchange information, have access to data, to make Internet purchases or to make transactions through a bank or with the civil service. It also gives us a better way to manage access to the workspace, to a PC and to the information that it contains.

You can find more information on the electronic DNI on the following web site, owned by the Ministry of the Interior:

Obtaining the Electronic DNI

Application and obtainment of the electronic  National Identity Document (e-DNI)

Users must go to a Police Station in person to attain their Electronic DNI. Consult the website of the Ministry of the Interior to find the closest police station where you can obtain this document:

They must submit the required documentation to attain their electronic  DNI, as is listed at the following address:

The electronic DNI is issued straight away.

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