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Issues regarding the unique COVID-19 situation


  • Resumption of deadlines

    • 1. What does the resumption of the calculation of administrative procedure deadlines suspended due to the declaration of state of alarm entail?
      Category: Resumption of deadlines > Subject:

      Royal Decree 463/2020, of 14 March,  declaring a state of alarm, established the suspension of the calculation of administrative deadlines as of 15 March. Now Royal Decree 537/2020, of 22 May, extending the state of alarm states that, with effect from 1 June 2020, the calculation of these deadlines shall resumed, or shall be restarted, if so provided for in a legal regulation approved during the state of alarm and its extensions (art. 9). This means that administrative deadlines suspended on 15 March will continue to count from 1 June, or will be reinitiated if so provided in a legal regulation approved during this period.

      In addition, with effect from 4 June 2020, the suspension of deadlines for the limitation and expiry of administrative rights and actions will be lifted. (art.10)

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    • 2. Which Social Security General Treasury deadlines are affected by this resumption?
      Category: Resumption of deadlines > Subject:

      The terms and deadlines for collection management procedures will resume on  1 June,  in the  administrative scope and,  from  4  June,  also in  the procedural scope with relevance in insolvency procedures involving the Social Security General Treasury.

      The issue of administrative documents will  therefore resume:

      • Debt claims
      • Enforcement orders
      • Attachment proceedings
      • Any other collection process, either voluntary or enforcement.

      All deadlines relating to notifications of administrative documents, both telematic and postal, are also resumed or initiated.

      The calculation of deadlines for presenting allegations, providing documentation or filing administrative and legal appeals (the latter from the 4th) are also resumed or initiated.

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    • 3. Is it necessary to request the resumption of deadlines or will it be applied automatically?
      Category: Resumption of deadlines > Subject:

      No request is necessary since the resumption of deadlines is automatically applied according to Royal Decree 537/2020 of 22 March.

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      • Information regarding in-person services and telematics

        • 1. What can I do if I have to file some documentation with Social Security?
          Category: Information regarding in-person services and telematics > Subject:

          The Social Security offers you the following assistance channels depending on your need:


          If you wish to obtain information or make a general query regarding any of matter managed by the Social Security, you can use our Queries Mailbox, the ISSA virtual assistant or the Social Security website, the Social Security APP or the ISM App if you are a seafarer.

          You can also contact our Servicio de atención telefónica:

          • For queries regarding benefits(National Social Security Institute -INSS-): 901 16 65 65 and 915 42 11 76 between 9:00 and 20:00 Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays. Information on minimum vital income on 900 20 22 22.
          • For queries about affiliation, contributions or payment of debts(Social Security General Treasury -TGSS-): 901 50 20 50 and 91 541 02 91 between 8:30 and 18:30 Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays.



          For the filing of Applications and other procedures on pensions and other Social Security benefits, the Services are available in the Social Security e-Officeor in Your Social Security (you need to have a digital certificate or permanent Cl@ve).

          For all other communications, you can use the Service for the Filing of written requests and communications at the Electronic Register, which you can access by means of a digital certificate or cl@ve user.

          If you do not have a certificate or cl@ve user, there are several services available at the e-Office using a mobile phone number registered with the Social Security, or by providing your ID card and a photo at the time, on the Platform for services without a certificate.

          If you are a seafarer you can also access the service for the filing of written requests and communications without the need to identify yourself electronically, for the submission of requests or documentation to the ISM, for procedures relating to seafarers.


          If you have a digital certificate or cl@ve, you can obtain your work life report or contribution bases, process your own registrations or deregistrations as self-employed or those of your domestic employee, enquiries about payments and debts with the Social Security or about personal data communicated to the Social Security, by accessing the Social Security General Treasury Portal - Import@ss.

          If you do not have these means of identification, you can access via SMS, by entering the code that we send to your mobile phone, if you have provided your number to the Social Security.

          If you do not have these means of identification, you may send a request.

          You can also carry out these and other procedures through the Social Security e-Office with the same means of authentication.

          If you are RED authorised, you can use the electronic channel offered by theAccess to the RED System.


          The citizen service at the Social Security can be used with a prior appointment.

          Prior appointment for benefits and other procedures: With this service, you can make and manage prior appointments for procedures at Spanish National Social Security Institute (INSS) or Social Marine Institute (ISM) offices open to the public.


          To obtain a digital ID that allows you to access all the Social Security's digital services, you can go to the digital certificate Registration Offices or cl@ve. Find your nearest office. To register in person, you will need to make an appointment and bring your identity document. We will register you in the system so that you can use Cl@ve (PIN and Permanent) or FNMT digital certificate.

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        • 2. If I do not have a digital certificate or a Cl@ve username, could a relative who does have one apply or file documentation at the National Social Security Institute or the Social Marine Institute on my behalf?
          Category: Information regarding in-person services and telematics > Subject:

          A family member, next of kin or a professional who does have a digital certificate or a Cl@ve username may represent you, therefore enabling you to use our electronic services. You must include a signed copy of the standard representation model found in the accompanying documentation for the corresponding electronic service in your application.

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        • 3. How can I get information about my Social Security Number (NUSS), or if I don't have it, how to access the electronic services that require it?
          Category: Information regarding in-person services and telematics > Subject:

          If you need to know your Social Security Number (NUSS) access the “Duplicate membership document” service. In the event you do not have it you can find it via this service.
          Up until now, electronic Social Security services that allow access with SMS authentication, primarily for accessing reports, required the introduction of information relating to your Social Security Number. In order to facilitate the user's use of electronic services the requirement to report this information has been eliminated, maintaining identity verification with simple information, DNI or NIE and date of birth, in addition to the introduction of a code sent to the mobile phone number that you provided to Social Security.

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