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Beneficiaries/ Requirements

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What is the required retirement age?

The age of access to retirement pensions depends on the age of the interested party and the contributions accumulated during his/her working life.

The retirement ages and contribution periods will be applied gradually until 2027.

The minimum age may only be lowered or brought forward for workers who are affiliated or have a situation assimilated to inscription, in certain special cases.

If contributions have been made in various schemes, which scheme will award the retirement pension?

Firstly, the scheme to which the interested party is affiliated when the causal event occurred or the last one in which this circumstance was produced will award the pension, so long as the following requirements are met. If the right is not applicable, the same formula will be used in the above schemes.

If the requirements necessary are not demonstrated in any of them, the scheme in which the interested party can show the most number of contributions will take priority, by adding up all the interested party's contributions.

If the worker cannot prove the age requirement in the scheme in which they show the most number of contributions, the pension for the scheme will be granted so long as they meet the age requirement in one of the other schemes taken into consideration for adding up the contribution periods, as well as the rest of the requirements necessary for this (5 years or 1/4 of the contributions in the scheme allowing early retirement).

Can self-employed workers retire before the regulatory retirement age?

Workers who are "members of a mutual society" will be able to retire from the age of 60 providing they meet the necessary requirements.

Self-employed workers who are "not members of a mutual society" will be able to retire two years earlier, at most, than the age that legally applies to them, providing they meet the rest of the requirements.

What is the disabled person's age bonus?

The periods during which the individual has worked (as a worker employed by another person included in the General Regime, and in the special regimes of  Sea Workers  and Coal Mining), in which the worker provides evidence of a disability  equal to or greater than 65%, are multiplied by the corresponding reduction coefficient:

  • A coefficient of 0.25 in cases where the worker provides evidence of a degree of   disability equal to or greater than 65%.
  • A coefficient of 0.50 in cases where the worker provides evidence of a degree of disability equal to or greater than 65% and provides evidence of the need for the assistance of another person in order to carry out essential everyday tasks.

The result in days is added to the real age of the worker and a fictitious age is obtained which will be taken into account for the purpose of the retirement pension.

To which workers does partial retirement apply?

Partial retirement  can be applied for by workers employed by other people on a full-time basis, who are part of any Social Security employee scheme. It cannot be applied for by staff with statutory relationships or civil servants, directors or managers considered as workers employed by other people, commercial representatives or artists.

With regard to self-employed workers, article 318 of the Consolidated Text  of the LGSS rules that partial retirement will be available for self-employed workers included in the Special Schemes for Seafarers  and for Self-Employed Workers , according to the terms and conditions established in the regulations. Since this law has not been legally implemented, these workers cannot currently take advantage of this type of retirement.

Can a person who is registered as a jobseeker retire without having 2 years of contributions within the last 15?

If they access the pension from a situation similar to that of affiliation without the obligation to make contributions (for example they are involuntarily unemployed and have been uninterruptedly seeking employment since their unemployment benefits terminated), they must have made 2 years' worth of contributions   within the 15 year period prior to the date on which the obligation to make contributions ended (termination of unemployment benefit).

Can a worker that has voluntarily left their job retire early?

If the worker is a member of a  "mutual society they can retire from the age of  60 provided they meet the necessary  requirements.

If the worker  " is not a member of a mutual society and  they freely choose to leave their last job, they may retire at an age less than two years from the  applicable statutory age, provided they meet the rest of the necessary requirements.

Is it possible to retire before reaching the official age for retirement without the reduction coefficient being applied?

Yes, in certain circumstances with specific regulations, such as certain artists and bull-fighitng professionals.

Nor will the reduction coefficients be applied in cases where, due to the application of bonuses for arduous work or disability, the beneficiary reaches the statutory fictitious number of years.

If the worker requests partial retirement, do they have to work until the statutory retirement age to be entitled to receive the normal pension?

It is not necessary to wait until the statutory retirement age. Workers who opt for partial retirement can request an ordinary  or early retirement pension, in any of its forms, provided they meet all the requirements for this.

Can a person who has already reached ordinary retirement age apply for partial retirement?

Yes. In this case it will not be necessary for a relief contract to be signed simultaneously.

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