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Beneficiaries / Requirements


Affiliated workers or workers in a situation assimilated to affiliation who meet the other general requirements (minimum contribution period and triggering event) and who are in one of the following groups can gain entitlement to the contributory retirement pension from the age of 60, with the application of reduction coefficients:

  • Workers who have been contributors in any of the Employment Mutuals for employees (including the Spanish Workers Mutual in Gibraltar, the National Welfare Mutual of the Local Administration and the Social Security Fund of Guinea) prior to 1-1-67.
  • Workers who were members of the RENFE, before 14/07/1967.
  • Workers belonging to FEVE, the Public Railway Concessionary Companies, and the company "Ferrocarriles Vascos, Sociedad Anónima (SA)", before 19/12/1969.
  • Those included under the Special Coal Mining Scheme on 1-4-69 who contributed to any of the Coal Miners Mutuals on 31-1-69 or before.
  • Workers included under the Special Scheme for Sea Workers on 1-8-70.

Rules in certain special cases

When  the interested party has contributed to various schemes of the Social Security System  and does not meet all the requirements needed to qualify for a retirement pension in any of them, considering only the contributions certified in each of the schemes to which contributions would have been made:

  • A decision will be made for the right to a pension scheme in which the largest number of contributions are certified, calculating them as contributed to the total of those certified by the interested party.
  • If the worker does not meet the age requirement prescribed in the scheme in which the largest number of contributions is certified, the pension may be recognised by such scheme, provided the worker meets the age requirement in any of the other schemes that have been taken into account for the aggregation of contribution periods. To do this, the concurrence of the following requirements is required:
    • Be members of a Mutual Insurance Society on 01-01-67 (or the date determined in their respective regulation standards regarding the schemes or other groups that address it differently) or on any date before that, or that they are certified by any foreign country for the contribution periods, due to activities of the same, prior to the indicated dates, which, if carried out in Spain, would have led to the inclusion of such in any of the Worker's Mutual Benefit Plan and that, in terms of the regulations of international law, must be considered.

    • A quarter of the totalled contributions over the life of the worker have been made in the schemes that recognise the right to early retirement or the precedents of such schemes or to foreign Social Security schemes. It will be enough to certify a minimum of 5 years of contributions in the aforementioned schemes, if the worker has contributed for 30 or more years of their life.

  • The recognition of the right to retirement pension under 65 years of age, when the requirements of the preceding sections are met, shall be carried out under the scheme in which the interested party certifies the greatest number of contributions. Regulatory standards will apply.
  • The retirement pension shall be reduced by applying the percentage rate of 8% or whatever  corresponds given the case.
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