Declaration of Accessibility

The Ministry of Labour, Migration and Social Security – Secretary of State for Social Security has committed to making their website available in accordance with Royal Decree 1112/2018 of 7 September on accessibility of websites and applications for public sector mobile devices, published in the Official State Gazzette on 19 September 2018. This Royal Decree transposes the (EU) Directive 2016/2012 of the European Parliament and Council.
The European Directive follows EN 301 549 “Accessibility requirements for products and services TIC” rules, which is itself an adaptation of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.1) of the W3C.

This accessibility statement applies to the website.

Compliance Status

This website is in partial compliance with Royal Decree 1112/2018. The aspects of non-compliance are detailed below.

Non-accessible content

The content collected below is not accessible for the following reasons

  1. It does not conform with Royal Decree 1112/2018.
    • Incorrect marking of decorative images [requirement number Non-textual content of EN 301549 v2.1.2 – 2018].
    • There are occasional errors in some of the semantic marking tags, such as incorrect nesting of elements, paragraph marking, lack of hierarchical structure without heading jumps, absence of description and table structuring [requirement number Information and relations of EN 301549 v2.1.2 – 2018].
    • Problems with Javascript dependent events and in certain navigation elements not accessible via keyboard or screen reader [requirement number Keyboard EN 301549 v2.1.2 - 2018].
    • Improper or ill-defined link description [requirement number Link purpose of EN 301549 v2.1.2 – 2018].
    • HTML and CSS processing error [requirement number Processing of EN 301549 v2.1.2 – 2018].
    • Keyboard focus not visible [requirement number Visible focus  of EN 301549 v2.1.2 – 2018].
    • Identification of elements solely by colour or by some sensory characteristic [requirement number Use of colour and Sensory characteristics of EN 301549 v2.1.2 – 2018].
    • Insufficient colour contrast in title sections [requirement number Contrast of EN 301549 v2.1.2 – 2018].
    • Incorrect keyboard focus order in the main menus of the mobile version or in interaction graphics [requirement number Focus order of EN 301549 v2.1.2 – 2018].
    • Use of absolute measurements in sources [requirement number Change in text size of EN 301549 v2.1.2 – 2018].
    • Incorrect use of WAI-ARIA roles and states in components such as tab panels, navigation trees, accordions, etc., [requirement number Name, function, value of EN 301549 v2.1.2 – 2018].
  2. Disproportionate load: Not applicable
  3. Content that does not fall within applicable legislation.
    There may be office archives in PDF or other forms published before 20 September 2018 that partially comply with the accessibility requirements.

Preparation of the current declaration of accessibility

The current declaration was prepared on 25 March 2019.

Final draft of the declaration: 25 March 2019.

The method employed for the preparation of the declaration was a self-assessment carried out by the organisation itself. The user agents and support products used for this self-assessment were: Internet Explorer 11, Chrome version 72 and NVDA 2018.2.1 screen reader.

The Social Security e-Office website has been designed and revised under the promise of providing an accessible website since 2003; since then, periodical checks have been made to verify the fulfilment of accessibility requirements.

The current version of the Social Security website was published in July 2018, and relevant accessibility had previously been revised according to present legislation at that time.

As well as internal validations, this website is periodically checked by the Observatory of Electronic Administration (OBSAE).

Observations and contact information

You can communicate topics relating to accessibility requirements (Article 10.2.a) of RD 1112/2018) for example:

  • let us know about a possible non-compliance on the part of this website
  • communicate other content accessibility difficulties
  • make any other queries or suggestions for improvement relating to website accessibility

via the following email address:

Any communication will be received and handled by the Secretary of State for Social Security.

Accessibility evaluations carried out up to the established date of the current declaration are based on WCAG 2.0 criteria. The established objective is to meet all level A and AA WCAG 2.1 requirements, along with certain level AAA requirements considered relevant for the improvement of the citizen’s experience when using the site.

Application process

The claims procedure taken from Article 13 of Royal Decree 1112/2018 will take effect on 20 September 2020.

Optional content

The website is designed to be visually responsive, which is why it is optimal on tablets and mobile devices.

Complementary Content