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Management and Applications

Management and Applications

  • Application for partial retirement is submitted to the corresponding management entity, the National Social Security Office (INSS) or, in the case of workers included under the Special Scheme for Sea Workers, the Marine Welfare Institute (ISM), indicating the date on which work is expected to cease or, when appropriate, the new work day reduction date.

  • The application may be submitted a maximum of 3 months prior to the dates indicated in the paragraph above.

  • Before completing the proposal, the management entity informs the applicant of whether he or she meets the general conditions required to be granted the pension and, if so, the amount that may be due so that, within a maximum of 10 days, the applicant may make any requests and present the appropriate documentation.

  • Final approval of the right depends on the formalisation of the corresponding part-time contract and, when necessary, the relief contract or the modification of these in the event of a new work day reduction, when appropriate.
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