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Management / Applications

Management and recognition of the right

The management and recognition of the right correspond to the National Social Security Office (INSS) or to the Social Marine Institute  (ISM), if dealing with workers included under the scope of the Special Scheme of Sea Workers.

Documents which must accompany the application

This content is currently under review following the entry into force on 17-03-2013 of  |R.D.L. 5/2013 of 15 March, on measures to encourage the continuity of working life for older workers and promote active ageing.

Originals of the documents specified below must be submitted along with a copy for authentication or a photocopy that has already been authenticated, except for identity documents, where showing the original will suffice.

  • Proof of identification for the applicant, legal representatives and other people included in the application, presenting the following valid documents:
    • Spanish Citizens: National Identity Document (DNI). 
    • Foreign citizens, whether resident or non-resident in Spain: passport or, where appropriate, valid identity document from their country and NIE  (Foreigner Identification Number) required by the AEAT for payment purposes.
  • Supporting documentation for the legal representative, where applicable. If they are an institutional guardian, the CTC/TIN, a document stating the Institution's appointment as guardian and certificate proving the Institution's legal representation.
  • Contribution payment receipt for the last 3 months if you are the person required to pay them in and the end of employment occurred in that 3-month period.
  • Company certificate of the details of the replaced worker.
  • Company certificate of the employment details of the partially retired worker and the relief worker.
  • With age allowance and due to a special disease:
    • If you have done any type of work that has a recognised age allowance: certificate from the company or companies stating the occupational classification and the periods of employment in that job post, or the boarding and landing card for the ISM.
    • Certificate of disability and recognised degree of disability issued by the IMSERSO  or other competent body or court order, stating, where appropriate, that the disability is a consequence of one of the disease listed in RD 1851/2009, as well as the start date of the disability and the date of classification.
    • Proof of need for assistance from a third party or reduced mobility, issued by the IMSERSO or other competent body. 
  • Due to forced termination or other cause:
    • A document proving that the employment contract ended due to reasons beyond the applicant's control, if they are going to retire between the ages of 60 and 65 (as long as they are not receiving unemployment benefit).
    • Employer's certificate, if the applicant brings the retirement age forward and received compensation due to a collective agreement.


  • Beneficiaries of health care:
    • Family Record Book or certificates from the Civil Registry proving the family relationship with the applicant.
    • Town Council Certificate proving cohabitation with the applicant (not required for the spouse and children), when deemed necessary by the civil servant.
    • Court order or certificate of foster care issued by the Autonomous Community.
    • Separation or divorce ruling stating the custody of the children below legal age and, if applicable, the amount of the compensatory pension awarded to the spouse or ex-spouse and the maintenance allowance to the children.
    • Proof of foreign citizen's habitual residence in Spain, by means of certificate of inclusion on the electoral register from the Local Council or residence card, when deemed necessary by the civil servant.
  • Other circumstances:
    • Proof of having completed compulsory military service or replacement community service, if this is claimed.
    • In the event of miscarriage after 6 months of pregnancy or the death of children within the first 24 hours of life, certificate from the Civil Registry stating that this took place, if this is claimed.

This documentation can be submitted at any Social Security Support and Information Centre.

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