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  • The amount of the pension is the result of applying the working day reduction percentage to the amount of the pension  which would correspond to it,  in accordance with the contribution years that the worker certifies on the date of the causal event, calculated in  accordance with the general standards of the applicable Social Security Scheme, but without applying the additional , corresponding coefficient.

The amount  of the pension hereby calculated may not be less than, in no case, the amount which results from applying that same percentage  to the amount of the minimum pension in force  at all times for pensioners older than 65 years, in accordance with the pensioner’s family circumstances.

To determine the percentage applicable to the regulating base of the partial retirement pension, the reduction coefficients based on age shall not be applied when it is accessed before reaching the ordinary age required in each case.

  • In cases in which  the increase of the  working day reduction percentage is appropriate, requested by the partial pensioner  with the business owner’s approval:
    • The pension amount shall be modified, applying the corresponding percentage based on the new working day reduction to the initially recognised amount.
    • The new pension shall be updated with the revaluations which occurred from the effective date of the initial partial retirement pension  to the effective date of the new pension amount. 

In order to  increase the  pension amount in the indicated terms, in cases in which,  it is necessary to maintain a hand-over contract to pay the partial retirement pension, the company:

    • Shall offer the replacement worker an increase of his/her working day, in proportion to the reduction of the partial pensioner’s working day. If the working day of the replacement is more than the working day left vacant, the increase shall have the  full-time working day established in the applicable collective agreement as a limit; or in the lack thereof; the maximum, legal ordinary working day.
    • If the replacement does not accept the increase of his/her working day, the company shall hire another unemployed worker or a worker who entered into a fixed-term contract with the company for the reduced working day of the partial pensioner.
  • In cases of multiple employment, only the contribution bases which correspond to the work performed until that time and which is the subject of the corresponding working day reduction shall be taken into account to calculate the regulating base.
  • The partial retirement pensions shall be revalued  using the same terms for the contributory pensions.
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