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Right-Granting Event / Economic Conditions / Payment

Causal event and financial effects

Causal event:

  • The day on which working activities cease, when the worker holds active contributor status.
  • The day on which the application is presented, in situations that are equivalent to active contributor status, with the following exceptions:
    • In cases of forced leave of absence, the day on which the worker is terminated from the post that caused the equivalent status.
    • In case of overseas transfers, the day on which the employment by another person is terminated.

Economic effects:

  • Workers who hold active contributor status:
    • From the day following the contract termination date, when the application is submitted prior to this situation or within the 3 months following.
    • In any other case, benefits will be retroactively accrued up to a maximum of 3 months from the date on which the application was presented.
  • Workers with a status equivalent to active contributor status:
    • From the day following the application date or when the right-granting event occurs, depending on what the assimilated situation is.
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