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Special Schemes

Integration of the Special Agricultural Scheme into the General Scheme:

Employed agricultural workers included in the REA, as well as the employers to whom they provide their services, shall be included, effective as of 01/01/12 ,in the General Scheme of the Social Security, through the setting up of a special Scheme for said workers,  with entitlement to Social Security benefits under the same terms and conditions as in the General Scheme, with the particular conditions provided for by law.

Integration of the Special Scheme for Domestic Employees into the General Scheme:

Effective as of 01/01/2012, the Special Scheme for Domestic Employees shall be included in the General Social Security Scheme, through the setting up of a special Scheme for said workers, who will be entitled to Social Security benefits under the same terms and conditions as in the General Scheme, with the particular conditions provided for by law. 

Special Scheme for Self-Employed Workers

  • This benefit is recognised under the same terms and conditions as the Social Security's General Scheme.
  • More information relating to this Scheme:

Special Scheme for Sea Workers

The Social Marine Institute will provide health care, for common diseases, maternity and non-work-related injuries, under the same scope and conditions as in the General Scheme to employed workers and assimilated employees in this Special Scheme, to pensioners and non-pensioners who are receiving periodic benefits, as well as any dependent family members or assimilated family members of the aforementioned persons who meet the required conditions in the General Scheme.

In Spain, beneficiaries of the Special Scheme for Seafarers primarily receive health care from the Social Marine Institute (ISM) in the Autonomous Communities that have not transferred this power. This health care will be coordinated and supplemented by health care from the Health Management Institute (INGESA) or the Health Service of the Autonomous Communities and by the agreed support. Autonomous Communities that have transferred ISM health care will take on this responsibility themselves.

If workers on board ship are based in Spain, the foregoing model is applicable. When at sea they may request medical advice from the Radio Medical Centre, the ISM Overseas Centres, and the hospital ships Esperanza del Mar and Juan de la Cosa. These ships also provide direct health care to patients on board boats within their scope of action.

Seafarers located abroad receive ISM health care through its Healthcare Centres in Dakar (Senegal) Nouadhibou (Mauritania), Seychelles and Walvis Bay (Namibia).

In countries (outside the European Union and not subject to bilateral health care agreements) without ISM resources, the employer will be responsible for providing health care, for which the ISM will reimburse the costs incurred, as long as the cost is greater than 137.03 euros and goes up to a maximum limit set by the Ministry of Employment and Social Security, in the event of common diseases and non-work-related injuries when this latter contingency is insured by the ISM.

In European Union countries the employer can request reimbursement of medical costs in accordance with the provisions of Regulations 1408/71 and 574/72.

More information on this Scheme:

Persons included in the scope of application of this Scheme, affiliation, registration and termination and contributions

Special Scheme for Coal Mining

  • This benefit is recognised under the same terms and conditions as the Social Security's General Scheme.
  • More information relating to this Scheme:
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