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Specials Cases: Multiple Employment and Multiple Activity

Multi-employment: Multi-employment signifies the situation of a worker employed by another person who works for two or more different employers and in activities that produce his or her obligatory registration in the same Social Security scheme. In order to determine the maximum contribution applicable, the general maximum contribution established will be distributed between all the subjects obliged to make contribution payments, in proportion to the remuneration paid in each company where the worker provides their services although the fraction of the maximum limit assigned to each company or subject may not be higher than the amount of remuneration paid to the worker in relation to common eventualities. The minimum limit will be divided proportionately between all companies and other subjects obliged to make contribution payments, according to the remuneration received from each of them.

Multi-activity: Multi-activity signifies the situation of a self-employed worker and/or a worker employed by another person, whose activity produces his or her registration in two or more different Social Security system schemes.

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