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Communications with the RED System

What are the different ways in which the TGSS can be contacted?

There can be two forms of file exchange:

  • In batches: This is when a file is sent to the TGSS, for either contributions or affiliation.

    • Files generated by the payroll program either for contributions or affiliation.

    • Files generated by WinSuite32.

  • On-line: Users can access the TGSS web site, where both affiliation and contribution services are available.

How are batch files sent in?

After the file has been validated and adapted and the connection button is clicked, the WinSuite 32 communications program is launched, which allows the user to send the files over the Internet.

Communications between the TGSS and the user are sent over the Internet. They can take place 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

How can one know if a file has been sent correctly?

In the same connection as is used to send the file, the user will receive a delivery receipt confirming that the file reached the TGSS and showing the delivery date.

How does the TGSS know if the message received is really the one that the user sent?

Once the delivery process has started, the outgoing message is secured and encrypted thanks to the SILCON Certificate, which means that the file will be safe from any kind of manipulation. 

How is legal validity for third parties given to documents?

With the final stamp.

The final stamp is a set of alphanumeric characters calculated by mathematical algorithms that summarises the content of a document and allows it to be printed. Also, the final stamp gives the user's documents legal validity with third parties. This is the stamp that the TGSS sends to the user's mailbox when the presentation period is over.

How much time does it take for replies to come back?

Once the documents that have been sent in have been processed (they could contain errors), the TGSS  sends a message to the user's e-mail address telling them that the files have been correctly processed and, if there were any errors, the details of the errors detected so that they can be corrected.

There are some differences in the sending of contribution and affiliation files:

  • Contributions: During the submission period, you  can send a contribution document as many times as you want, taking into account that it fully replaces the previous one sent in, as long as the period, the payment type and the CAC  are the same.
  • Affiliation: You have three working days to cancel the action after sending in the file.

The TGSS will send a reply within three working days, starting from the day after the file was received, but normally the report with the reply is sent the same day.

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