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Deadlines, Payments and Documentation

Does the RED System keep to the deadlines for presentation and payment?

Yes. These deadlines are subject to the general regulations.

Can the user obtain a certificate of being up to date with payments?

Yes, you can obtain it at any time under the option  of the RED Online System:

  • "Online Contributions", "Debt Management", “Certificate of having paid Social Security contributions”. It is possible to request certificates for a CCC for a company or Self-Employed worker.

Is it possible to request a settlement receipt with the corresponding fee for late payment?

Yes, for settlements already submitted, as long as the RED System had already calculated the corresponding settlement receipt in the month of submission. This functionality is located in the System in:

  • "On Line Contribution", "Real On Line Contribution" - "Management of Pending Contribution Payments".

For more information, see the "Transactions for Management of Pending Contribution Payments" User Guide,  available in:

  • RED System Area, "RED Internet", "RED Internet Documentation", "User Guides", "Contributions".

Is it necessary to pay on the same day as the TC2 is presented?

The workers' payroll reports (TC2 documents) can be presented at any time during the collection period. This does not imply payment, only that the documents were presented. For payment, it is necessary to comply with the current regulations. The payment is made to a Collaborating Body using the documents from the TC1 series, or by setting up a direct debit, in which case it is not necessary to present the TC1 document to a Collaborating Body.

TheTGSS  also offers the option of "Electronic Payment", with a variety payment methods available (telephone banking, internet banking, cash machines and payment through Financial Institutions).

How is it possible to check that documents have been sent?

The user will receive several notifications: The first will be a delivery receipt, sent immediately after the delivery has been made. This is an automatic message and shows only that the message was received by the TGSS . The second is a Technical Receipt that acts as a reply and includes the outcome of processing the documents.

Can TC2 documents be presented after the deadline?

Yes. The surcharges given in the regulations will be incurred if the contributions were not made on time.

When are Contribution Payment Receipts sent out? Can the sending of these receipts be brought forward?

Contribution Payment Receipts are issued automatically or they can be sent in advance upon the request of the user RED.

Automatic Issuing

Contribution Payment Receipts with the electronic payment header are issued automatically on the dates set out below. You are reminded that after the Contribution Payment Receipt is issued, the TC2 will be blocked and may not be replaced, and it is therefore recommended that submissions are sent in with sufficient time to allow them to be corrected, if there are any errors.

  • For submissions sent in between the 1st and 23rd of the month, the Contribution Payment Receipt will be sent out to the user after the 24th.
  • For submissions sent in between the 24th and 27th (the 26th in February), the Contribution Payment Receipt will be sent out to the user after the 28th (27th in February).
  • For submissions sent in after the 28th and up to 20:00 hours on the final submission day, the Contribution Payment Receipt will be issued on the following day, except for submissions sent in on the final day of the month. On this day closure and the issuing of the receipt will take place after 20.00 hours.

Upon the request of the user

When users wish to obtain a Contribution Payment Receipt before the aforementioned dates, they can request the "over-the counter payment header" application through the virtual office, RED System and On-Line Contributions. The System will issue the corresponding Contribution Payment Receipt throughout the day and it can be printed using WinSuite.

The Electronic Payment Transactions User Manual can be found in the Red System Area, in the "Red System Documentation", "User Manuals", "Contributions" section.

Users can request an early Contribution Payment Receipt by going to the "On-line RED System" on the internet and selecting the option, "On-line Contributions".

Can electronic payment be cancelled? How must the TC1 be paid in? Does a new TC2 have to be submitted?

From the 1st day of the submission month up to the time when the Contribution Payment Receipt with the over-the-counter payment header is issued, the TC2 may be corrected by sending in another document to replace it.

After the Contribution Payment Receipt is issued, the TC2 will be blocked and may not be replaced, and it is therefore recommended that submissions are sent in with sufficient time to allow them to be corrected, if there are any errors.

Soon the option to cancel the issued Contribution Payment Receipt will be introduced, meaning that the TC2 document will be permanently unblocked and can be replaced by a new document.

How do I apply for Electronic Payment?

The RED System will automatically calculate, without the user having to request it, the Electronic Payment method for all payments that meet the requirements for being made using this method, unless the user has asked to pay by direct debit or they are in credit.

Given that for the Contribution Account Codes in the special group for Public Administration, the automatic calculation of electronic payment is not applicable, the user must request to pay contributions using this method by entering the character “V” in the MPG of the FAN file.

Does the TC1 have to be on official paper?

Yes, you must fill out the TC1 including the box set aside for the signature and stamp of the employer: "TC2 not authorised by the TGSS  date no.", in accordance with the provisions of the Ministerial Order of 3 April 1995 (BOE  7 April), second additional provision. However, the direct debit procedure allows the TGSS   to send the amount of contributions payable to the indicated financial institution, so the current TC1 document is not required.

In turn, the "Electronic Payment" method, replaces the current TC1 with the Contributions Payment Receipt calculated by theTGSS .

Can a TC2 be printed at any time? How often?

Printing contribution documents is the responsibility of the authorised users of the RED  System. Appendix V of the Resolution of the General Directorate of the Social Security Treasury (BOE  of 7 June, 1995) gives the principles that govern the printing procedure, which is such that the documents printed are of equal validity as those obtained through the normal procedure and not through the RED System.

The most important aspect of this point refers to the supply, by the TGSS , of the necessary on-line elements of comparison and control as stated in article 45, point. 5 of Law 30/1992, of 26 November on the Legal Framework for Public Administration and Common Administrative Procedures (B.O.E. of 27 November). These checks have been changed for the RED System into the so-called fingerprints  or electronic seals that are issued at the end of each collection period, or before this time at the request of the user.

The documents to be printed, as the above mentioned regulation states, must contain both the electronic seals and a particular piece of text stating that the holder of the authorisation certifies that the document printed corresponds to the original data. In the case of contribution documents, the TGSS's program makes it easy to print these documents with the above mentioned requirements .

Therefore, users have in their data base the elements needed to print a TC2 as often as they wish.

How much time is there to make corrections?

The submitted documents can be corrected by sending in a new, correct document to replace the previous one, any time during the submission period and up to three working days after the end of the period.

Once the period has ended, factual or calculation errors can be corrected using the error correction procedure; submitting a new, corrected document to replace the previous one that has already been included in the database.

This procedure can only be used when errors have been detected in TC2 documents, as long as the contributions were paid in correctly.
The error correction process cannot be used if all the contributions have not been paid or paid for all the workers. In this case, the problem must be resolved by making an further payment up to the correct amount.

Can users check the status of their debts using the RED System?

Yes, through the "Debt Management" service. The service offers the option to view your debts, get a Debt Report and request debt payment documents generated by the Treasury. The view option shows users a list of debt documents for a specific individual according to the requested selection parameters.

Users can also request a Debt Report according to the requested debt parameters, which will be sent with a delay to the main user of the authorisation.

Finally, you can get a payment document for any debt document, paid both voluntarily and via enforcement. This service is located in the following online menu:

  • "On-Line Contributions" - "Debt Management" - "Debt Documents: View, Report and Payment Document Request".   

Can users request copies of payment receipts for late payments using the RED System?

Yes, you can request a copy of the payment receipts that have been issued previously. This feature can be found in the RED System in:

  • "On-Line Contributions" - "Requesting and Cancelling Contribution Payment Receipts" - "Obtaining Copies of Payment Receipts for Late Payment or Employer Contributions Request". 

Is it possible for users to ask for a separate Payment Receipt containing the worker and employer contribution?

Yes, by stating, when sending the FAN file, in accordance with the technical instructions, that you want to receive the worker contribution separately from the employer contribution. You will receive a technical receipt with the calculation of the worker contribution and the total for informative purposes. If you want a Payment Receipt stating the employer contribution, you have to request it online, in the following menu:

  • "Actual On-Line Contributions" - "Managing Pending Contribution Payments" - "Late Payments/Employer Contribution: Request for Contribution Payment Receipts".
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