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Steps involved in joining

1. Applying for a SILCON Certificate

Firstly, you need to request the SILCON Certificate. To obtain this certificate, citizens must provide proof of their identity in person using their DNI at the digital certificate offices.

2. Application for authorisation

The applicants, once the relevant information has been received and the SILCON Certificate has been obtained, shall submit the authorisation application (form FR101).
Authorisations to the RED System can be of the following types:

  • Authorisation to act on your own behalf: when only CCCs or NAFs whose NIF matches the authorisation's NIF will be managed.
  • Authorisation to act on behalf of others: where CCCs or NAFs whose NIF does not match the authorisation's NIF will be managed. Here we can distinguish between two different types:
    • Professionals with an Association: when the individual or legal person to whom the authorisation is granted is a Member of a Professional Association exercising one of the following Professions: Social Studies Graduates, Administrative Agents, Lawyers, Economists, Mercantile and Business Graduates, Estate Agents, Tax and Insurance Agents, Property Administrators, Industrial Technical Engineers, Prosecutors and Registrars.
    • Third Parties: in those cases where contribution account codes (CCCs) are managed whose NIF is different to the authorisation's NIF and the conditions to apply for the Member of a Professional Association authorisation are not met.

All these types of authorisation can be granted to both an Individual and to a Legal Person.

In addition to the duly completed authorisation application form (FR101), the following documentation must also be submitted:

  • Photocopy of the applicant's identification document (DNI, NIE, Passport)
  • Documentation certifying authority to represent the Legal Person or the Individual.
  • Where the authorisation is the Member of a Professional Association type, the certificate of Professional Association membership shall also be required.

This authorisation application process  can also be done in person at the User Support Unit found in all TGSS Provincial Offices, or through the Electronic Register of the e-Office.


3. Application for allocation of CCCs/NAFs

An application will also need to be made for the CCCs or NAF that will be managed to be assigned to the authorisation. This process can be completed in person in the TGSS or through a service available in the Online RED System / Authorisations Management.

Application in person

The following documentation should be submitted, depending on whether the RED authorised person and the NAF or CCCs to be assigned have the same or a different NIF:

    • Form FR104: For cases where the RED authorised person and the CCCs and/or NAF to be assigned or cancelled have the same NIF, the authorised person does not have be granted powers of representation so that they may act on behalf of the CCC or NAF, as it matches the identity of both. This form only needs to be signed by the main user of the authorisation. The main user will not be asked to prove that they represent the authorised company, as they have already provided proof of this in the authorisation application.
    • Form FR103: For cases where the RED Authorised Person and the NAF to be assigned have different NIFs, the authorised person must be granted powers of representation to act on behalf of the affiliated party. It must always be signed by the main user of the authorisation, the affiliated person or the latter's representative.
    • Form FR10: This form is used when the RED Authorised Person and the CCCs to be assigned have different NIFs.

Electronic application

The application service for the allocation/cancellation of CCCs/NAFs is available on the Online RED System/ Authorisations Management. Only the authorisation's main user can use this service.

    • When applying for a CCC or NAF, the system checks if the authorisation NIF matches the NIF of the CCC or NAF to be assigned. If it matches, then the CCC or NAF will be assigned automatically.
    • If it does not match, the company must confirm the assignment using the service created to this end available from the Social Security e-Office.

For more information on this service, please refer to the “Authorisations Management” manual.

The steps in the Application for assigning CCCs/NAF to an authorisation cannot be carried out through the Electronic Register (neither on an individual basis nor jointly with the authorisation application).

All forms to be submitted can be downloaded for free from the Social Security website.

Once the CCCs have been assigned,  it is also important to attach the three contribution account codes that you want to authorise to make practice affiliations.

4. Granting authorisation

A few days after the authorisation has been granted, copies of the authorisation resolution will be sent to the person authorised.

5. User management

The main user of the authorisation may register, remove or change the details of secondary users through the “Registration/Removal or Modification of Secondary Users” service, in the “Authorisations Management – Secondary User Management” section of the Online RED System.

Under exceptional circumstances, form FR102A may be submitted in person at Administration offices by the authorisation's main user to request the registration, removal or modification of secondary users. Likewise, the secondary user can request termination of affiliation by submitting the FR102U form in person, as long as there are sufficient obstacles to completing that process online.

6. Practice mode on the System

Lastly, to make it easier to add users to the RED System, it is possible to send information in practice mode, in other words, without affecting the database of the TGSS database.

Practice Files can be sent for Contributions and Affiliation but not for temporary disability affiliation and termination reports.

All files sent in for temporary disability affiliation and termination reports will be real and will have an effect on the TGSS data base.

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