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The TGSS is responsible for keeping a complete, up-to-date census of the companies and workers registered with the system. The computer file is known as the General Affiliation File (FGA).

Once authorisation has been granted in the RED System, the user can access the FGA and correct their database of workers by comparing it with that of the TGSS.

The actions permitted in the area of affiliation are shown below:


The actions which can be performed in the context of a company's affiliates enable affiliation actions for individual workers registered in the company's Contribution Account Codes to be sent and processed. The actions permitted in this area are as follows:

  • Worker Processes
    • Consecutive Registrations and Terminations
    • Change in Contribution group
    • Amendment Removal of Prior Actions
    • Change of Contract (Type/Coefficient)
    • Change of Occupation of WRI.
    • Removal of Consolidated Registrations
    • Removal of Consolidated Terminations
    • Amendment of Special Scheme RG.0132 (Vegetables)
    • Entering Actual Days Worked
    • Amendment Of Registration Date (REG. 0613)
    • Change of Professional Category
    • Additional Affiliation Situations
    • Change of Retirement  Age Reduction Coefficient
    • Subcontracted or Transferred Workers
    • Days worked under part-time contracts
    • Enter a Collective Agreement
    • Correction of Mode or 5JR Week According to Agreement
    • Suspensions for Short-Term Benefits
  • Enquiries
    • Consult Affiliated Status in the Company
    • Consult Company Situation
    • Consult Workers in a Company
    • Consult Affiliation Number
    • Consult NAF by IPF
    • Consult on Workers' registration with Another Company
  • Reports
    • Employment History of Affiliates
    • Report on Affiliate Registered in a C.C.C.
    • Report on TD due to Common Disease
    • Report on  average number of Workers
    • Report on Affiliates' Prior Actions
    • Report on Workers with Prior Actions in a C.C.C.
    • Duplicate Documents TA
    • Progress Report on a C.C.C.
    • Employment History of a C.C.C.
    • Report on Actual Days Worked
    • Report on contribution data-Workers Employed by Another Person
    • Report on contribution data/Settlement period-CCC
    • Report on contribution data/Settlement period SSN
    • Report on Average Registered Workforce
    • Report on contribution data/Employment Relationship-SSN
  • C.C.C. Steps
    • Enter Collective Agreement (Company)
    • C.C.C. Registration of Individual Employer
    • Allocation of Secondary C.C.C. of Collective Employer
    • Change of address of CCC
    • Request for Financial Cooperation in TD
    • Waiver of Financial Cooperation in TD
    • Application Cancellation/Waiver of TD cooperation
  • Special Scheme for Self-Employed Workers
    • Request for Registration in the RETA
    • Request for Termination from RETA
    • Application for change of address in - RETA

If your company regularly registers decentralised affiliations, i.e., from various places, the RED System permits you to continue to do this. You just need one authorisation number and to request several secondary users, so that each user has access to the RED System.

The RED System gives you two ways to access affiliation: in real time (Online Affiliation) and by sending in files (Batch Affiliation):


This allows you to access data on the central computer of the TGSS, with your computer acting as a terminal without any intermediaries.

Just as a travel agency contacts the reservation centre of an airline and makes a reservation on the spot, you can connect to the Social Security computers and process registrations, terminations and data changes, with immediate effect.

In order to carry this out, the user must connect to the Social Security Website, and click once on "Access the online RED System" in the "One click" section located on the right of the screen. Once the password of their SILCON certificate has been validated, the user, through the"RED Services" option, can access the General Affiliation File via the INTERNET and make queries, reports and information updates.

This mode is available Monday to Friday from 08:00 to 20:00 (Spanish mainland time).

Please note that you can print off the information requested directly


Electronic files are created by the payroll and personnel management programme in the format that fits the technical specifications of the TGSS. The content will vary according to which action you wish to carry out.

If your payroll programme is not able to create affiliation files, these can be created directly by entering the data in WinSuite32.

Using a procedure similar to that described for contributions, these files are sent to the TGSS as messages over the Internet. Later, these files are processed by the TGSS and then the user receives a notification of the application of the actions sent. This notification may be accessed through  the "View received messages" option in the "Communications" section of WinSuite32.

This service is available 24 hours a day.

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