Job demand


Employment Application Procedure

General Information


It is the application for one or several job positions made by a sea worker, whether unemployed or not, at an Employment Office, Job Placement Agency, the European Employment Service or the Registry for Job Seekers Abroad.

  • To be a Spanish citizen or a citizen of any country in the European Economic Area.
  • To be a foreign, non-EU worker with legal access to the Spanish labour market. 
  • To be of legal working age. 
  • To be fully able to work. 
  • To have a Sea Navigation Card, if the job requires being at sea.

More information on requirements

  • Social Security Card, in case of having worked in Spain before.
  • Certificates of professional or academic qualifications, if any.

Depending on the country of origin, the following additional documentation must be presented:

  • Workers with Spanish citizenship or from any European Economic Area countries:
    • National Identification Document (DNI), Identity Card or Valid Passport.
  • Workers from the rest of the world:
    • Foreign Resident Identification Number (NIE).
    • The relevant certificate from the Provincial Directorate of Labour, Social Security and Social Affairs, or valid work permit.
Where it is to be processed:

At the Sea Employment Office, Job Placement Agency, European Employment Service, or Registry for Job Seekers Abroad corresponding to the worker's place of residence.

Other important information:

Once the application has been submitted, the job seeker is registered to participate and benefit from job placement services. In addition, a card will be issued to the worker as registration proof.

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