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Special agreement for additional contributions of labour force adjustment plans 76/2000 and 25/2001


Procedure for special agreement for additional contributions of labour force adjustment plans

General Information


To compensate the loss in the level of contributions that may have been suffered by workers affected by labour force adjustment plans 76/2000 of 08/03/2001 and 25/2001 of 31/07/2001.


Workers aged over 50 affected by the aforementioned labour force adjustment plans, who are affiliated as employees and have experienced a loss in their contributions in comparison to the amount that would have corresponded if they had kept their jobs.

Workers aged 52 or over who are seeking employment, with no occupation, registered in Public Employment Services and who are affected by the employment regulation processes 76/200, of 8 March 2001 and 25/2001, of 31 July 2001, and meet the established requirements to be beneficiaries of the measures.

More information on beneficiaries


Form TA-0040


Application for aid addressed to the State Public Employment Service.

Where to process it:

Centralising the process in the Provincial Office of Madrid. If you have a digital certificate you can access the e-Office and send the application form and required documentation online through the Special Agreement Registration due to an Employment Regulation Process process in the Social Security e-Office.

  • Before 05-10-2009 if the worker is aged 50 on 05-07-2009.
  • 90 days after turning 50 years old.
  • 90 days after the date on which RD 1783/2011 of 16 December takes effect, if unemployed and aged 52 or over.
  • At any time.

It takes effect:

  • 01/03/2008 if the worker meets the requirements on 29/02/2008 and submits the application before 05/10/2009.
  • Date of turning 50 years old if the application is submitted within 90 after the coming into force of the regulation or turning 50 years old.
  • From the date of the worker's 52nd birthday, if the subscription application form is presented within ninety days of the effective date of the Royal Decree (18 December) or, if reaching that age after that date, if the application form is submitted within ninety days from the date on which the worker reaches that age. Subscription applications formulated by workers who on 28-02-2010 already met the requirements set out in article 5.1 of R.D 196/2010 of 26 February will take effect from that date, provided they are submitted within ninety days of the date on which this Royal Decree takes effect.
  • Application submission date.


  • Due to the applicant acquiring the status of pensioner due to retirement or permanent disability in accordance with the applicable Social Security regulations in each case.
  • Depending on the case, due to the interested party being registered in or removed from a Social Security employee scheme.
  • Due to the death of the interested party.
  • Due to the decision of the interested party, notified in writing to the Treasury General of the Social Security, in which case the expiry of the special agreement shall take place on the first day of the month following the date of notification.
  • Due to the loss of the entitlement to total or partial payment of assistance in the event of lack of proof of any of the circumstances provided for in article 37 of Law 38/2003, of 17 November.

More information on termination

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