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Permanent Non-disabling Lesions benefit procedure

Below are details of the general procedure

What is the Social Security benefit for permanent non-disabling injuries?

It is a lump-sum compensation to which workers are entitled due to injuries, mutilations and deformities of a permanent nature caused by a work-related injury or occupational disease that, although not constituting permanent disability, lead to a reduction or alteration in the physical integrity of the worker provided they are included in the classification established for that purpose.

When does it commence and what formalities are involved?

  • Ex officio:
    • At the initiative of the management company.
    • At the request of the Labour Inspection Authority.
    • At the request of the Public Health Service.
  • At the request of the collaborating companies.
  • At the request of the interested party:
    • Fill in the application form for a permanent disability and permanent non-disabling injury pension.
    • Personal documentation and the documents indicated on the application form.
      The application form and required documentation must be presented at any of the support and information centres of the National Social Security Institute (INSS) or at the provincial headquarters or offices of the Social Marine Institute (ISM).

The Disability Assessment Team (EVI) will issue the decision-proposal regarding the reduction or alteration of the worker's physical integrity due to the injuries. 

The Provincial Directorates of the INSS or the ISM, where applicable, will issue an express decision specifying the injuries and amount of compensation.

When does the right to receive the benefit expire?

It expires one year from the day after the interested party was notified that it has been granted. If an appeal has been filed against the administrative decision through the courts, the calculation is made from the date of the judicial decision.

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