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Permanent Disability Procedure

Below are details of the general procedure

What is the Social Security  Permanent Disability Pension?

It is a benefit  to which a worker is entitled in the event that, after receiving prescribed treatment and being discharged from medical care, the worker develops serious anatomical or functional disorders which are presumed to be permanent, that reduce or annul his/her ability to work.

When does it commence and what formalities are involved?

The procedure may be started:

  • Ex officio:
    • Following the initiative of the management company if the worker has suffered from temporary disability and has received a medical discharge due to the expiry of the term or because that worker is in a situation of permanent disability.
    • At the request of the Labour Inspection Authority.
    • At the request of the Public Health Service, providing the medical discharge and clinical history, with the authorisation of the interested party.
  • At the request of the collaborating companies, which will furnish the worker's medical discharge, clinical history and previous file.
  • At the request of the interested party:
    • Fill in the permanent disability application form.
    • The personal and specific documentation indicated in the application form.
    The application and documentation must be submitted at any of the support and information centres of the National Social Security Institute (INSS) or at the provincial headquarters or offices of the Social Marine Institute (ISM). Workers who are ineligible to apply for temporary disability benefit, either because they are not protected under this contingency or because they are not  affiliated, must submit the application to begin this procedure.

During the enquiries phase, as many documents and medical tests as needed may be requested.

The Disability Assessment Team (EVI) will make the decision-proposal, taking into account the summarised medical report prepared by doctors from the INSS  and the employment history report.

The Provincial Directorates of the INSS  or the ISM, if applicable, will issue an express decision stating the degree of disability, the financial benefit amount, and the date on which a revision of incapacity may be carried out due to conditions worsening or improving.

When does the right to receive the pension expire?

The pension may be cancelled following a revision of incapacity, due to acknowledgement of the retirement pension if this pension is applied for and due to the death of the pensioner.

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