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Compulsory Elderly and Disability Insurance (SOVI) procedure

Below are details of the general procedure

What is Compulsory Elderly and Disability Insurance (CEDI)?

This is insurance which acknowledges imprescriptible, lifelong old age, disability and widowhood pensions, for a fixed sum, in favour of people meeting the stipulated requirements who have no right to a pension under the current Social Security system, with the exception of widowhood pensions with respect to which they are beneficiaries.

What formalities are necessary?

  • Cumpletion of the retirement, disability or widowhood pension application form.
  • The personal and specific documentation indicated in the application form.

Where is it processed?

The application form and required documentation must be presented at any of the support and information centres of the National Social Security Institute (INSS) or, in the case of seafarers, at the provincial headquarters of the Social Marine Institute (ISM).

The acknowledgement of the right is the responsibility of the NSSI or SMI, as applicable.

When can I apply for a pension and when do the payments begin?

Old age: if the form is presented within 30 days of turning 65, it will start to be paid the day after coming of age. If the form is presented afterwards, it will start to be paid the first month after its presentation.

Disability:  It becomes due from day one of the month after presenting the application.

Widow/widower's pension: If the originator is not a pensioner and the application is presented within one year of death, it becomes due from the first day of the month after death; if it is presented after that date, it is acknowledged as being backdated for one year. If the originator is a pensioner and it is applied for within 3 months of the death, it becomes due the month after the death; if it is applied for afterwards, it the backdated for a term of 3 months.

When does the right to receive the pension expire?

Old Age: Upon the death of the pensioner.
Disability: Upon the revocation of the disability status or death.
Widowhood: Upon marriage, entering into a common law marriage or death.

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