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Medical Assistance

Below are details of the general procedure

What is Social Security Medical Assistance?

It is the provision of medical and pharmaceutical services needed to maintain or restore the health of protected people, including:

  • Affiliated workers, pensioners, people receiving regular Social Security benefits and unemployed people who have used up their unemployment benefit or subsidy.
  • Relatives and others who are dependent on the above.

What formalities are necessary to be entitled to receive medical assistance?

When applying for affiliation or a pension or any other regular Social Security benefit, insured people can formalise the document acknowledging their right to receive medical assistance for their beneficiaries  in their respective Social Security offices.

Where is the health card processed?

The document acknowledging the right to receive medical assistance is used to apply for the health card in the respective healthcare centre.

The medical assistance centre will process the issuing of the individual health card for the insured person and for each beneficiary and send them to their home address.

Who acknowledges the right to receive medical assistance?

The National Social Security Institute or Social Marine Institute, as may apply, are authorised to acknowledge the right to receive medical assistance.

When does the right to receive medical assistance expire?

  • Cases in which an insured person no longer meets the required conditions to receive coverage or to benefit from the right.
  • Due to death.
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