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Other important information

• The accredited periods of insurance in either of the two countries before the Agreement came into force will be taken into account for determining entitlement to benefits recognised under that Agreement.

• Pensions and/or retirement pensions that were paid by one or both countries or entitlement to pensions and retirement pensions that was denied before the Agreement came into force can be reviewed under the terms of the new Agreement upon the request of the interested parties. The time limit for requesting reviews is two years from 01.03.2006. Entitlement will be obtained on the date of the application, unless the legislation of the country that makes the review includes a more favourable decision. Benefits paid as a single payment will not be reviewed.

• The application of the Agreement allows for entitlement to benefits for contingencies that occurred before it came into force to be examined, although under no circumstances will payment of these benefits be made for periods before that date.

• This Agreement guarantees the rights acquired under the General Social Security Agreement of 25 June 1959 and the Supplementary Agreement of 2 May 1972.

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