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Consular relations

Now in force

The Agreement on Consular Relations was signed in Vienna on 24 April 1963 and came into force in Spain on 5 March 1970. It was published in the Official Gazette on 6 March 1970.

Workers moving abroad

This Agreement is only applicable to workers who work for Spanish organisations abroad, which are accountable to the Consulate, in countries with which Spain has not signed a Social Security Agreement or has signed one that makes reference to this Agreement.

General Regulations

Members of the consular office and the family members who live with them in their home are exempt from the Social Security resolutions in force in the foreign country for their services to the State that sent them there.

The personnel who serve the members of the consular office privately and exclusively are also exempt from the Social Security regulations in force in the foreign country, if:

  • They are not citizens or permanent residents of the foreign country; and
  • They are protected under the Social Security regulations in force in the country that sent them or a third country.

The members of the consular office who employ people to whom the exemption described in the previous section does not apply must meet the obligations that the foreign country's social security resolutions requires of employers.

The exemption described in the previous sections does not prevent them from participating voluntarily in the social security scheme of the foreign country, if this is permitted by that country.

Processing applications

Upon the request of the interested parties, the General Sub-Directorate for Affiliation and Special Procedures will issue certificate E/R.CONS(Cert.) , certifying that the worker is subject to Spanish Social Security legislation, with no time limit.


With regard to healthcare, Royal Decree 2234/1981 of 20 August approving the Regulations for the Legal Service of the Social Security, regulates the Social Security for personnel working abroad for the Civil Service.

"|Art.  3 of Royal Decree 2234/81":

Healthcare will be provided by the healthcare entities in the country of residence, preferably in official health centres or those belonging to the local Social Security system.

The managing body will compensate the insured person for his or her healthcare costs according to the terms of this article.

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