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Advanced Search Engine Help

The Advanced Search page offers a form to fill in according to the type of search you want to run.

  1. The form fields are as follows:

    • All words: This will search for content that contains all the words indicated in this field taking into account the order they have been entered.

    • Exact phrase This new option will search for content that contains the phrase in this field in the exact order they have been entered and with no other words between them.

    • Some words: This search option aims to obtain all the content that contains some of the words entered in the relevant text field.

    • Ignore word: This last case searches for all content that does not contain the word in this field. The ignore word option can only be used if one of the three previous options contains valid text.

      These four search options can be combined, generating more accurate searches.

  2. Parameters for displaying/filtering results:

    • Subjects: To further refine the search by selecting one or several subjects where results can be found. Searches will be run in all subjects by default.

    • Publication date: To limit the search taking into account the date of publication of the content, entering a start and end date. These must be in dd/mm/yyyy format and the limit start date is 1900.

    • Order of results: To make it easier for the user to locate results, there is a new tool for ordering results by date of publication, by content title or by the percentage of words in the content matching the search words.

    • Results displayed: The number of results displayed per page will be 10, although this value may be changed by entering a number between 5 and 20.

    • Binary documents: To include binary documents in the search, you must mark the checkbox "Include binary documents in the search (Sheets, Forms, etc.)".

    • Regulation documents: To exclude regulation documents from the search, you must mark the checkbox "Exclude documents related to regulations from the search".

    • Search titles: To filter to search only the titles of the content and not their description, you must mark the checkbox "Only show results in titles".

  3. Search results

    The search results display the following elements:

    • The title of the text block.
    • The date of publication
    • The percentage of accuracy (*)
    • An introduction to the content of the text block.

      (*) Ordering by accuracy will only apply when searching by exact phrase.

From the advanced search screen, there is a button to a simple search

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