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Subject: Pensions

  • Pensions

    • 1. If I receive a call claiming to be from the Social Security, asking me to install a mobile application to collect a benefit, should I install that application or provide any information?
      Category: Issues regarding the unique COVID-19 situation > Subject: Pensions
      • No, in no case will our civil service staff contact you to request you install mobile applications for payments between individuals to pay you arrears or to make regular benefit payments.
      • Social Security entities only issue payments by deposit in the bank account provided by you or by issuing a cheque, in the cases provided.
      • If you receive a call of this kind, you can inform us by sending the telephone details, description of the situation and your contact details to our Enquiries Mailbox.
      • IMPORTANT: If you have a benefit claim in process, we may need to contact you to resolve any issues with the delivery or processing of your benefit. In these cases, the civil servant will identify themself and may give you details about the communication sent by you and the date of sending, as a guarantee that it is an official, legitimate request for details.

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    • 2. If I need to apply for a benefit or a variation of an already recognised benefit, how do I apply?
      Category: Issues regarding the unique COVID-19 situation > Subject: Pensions
      • If you have an electronic certificate or Cl@ve, use the relevant service at the e-Office and sign your application electronically.        
      • If you do not have an electronic certificate or cl@ve, you can use the platform Social Security Applications and Procedures Platform.
      • In the latter case, will ask you to insert a photo, taken on the spot, of your face showing your identity document and you will be able to sign your application on screen.
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    • 3. Can I request a change account number for the pension or benefit via the channel without a digital certificate?
      Category: Issues regarding the unique COVID-19 situation > Subject: Pensions
      • However, please remember that you can complete this formality with an electronic certificate or Cl@ve, if you have them, or otherwise, represented by a friend or family member with a digital certificate or Cl@ve via this service.
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    • 4. If I am self-employed and receive 100% of my pension for having workers under my responsibility, who have now been placed in an ERTE, will this affect my active retirement?
      Category: Issues regarding the unique COVID-19 situation > Subject: Pensions
      • Self-employed workers who maintain their business activity and continue to work in person may benefit from 100% of the retirement pension, even if the working relationship of all employees hired employees has been reduced or suspended due to an ERTE (or for any other reason provided for in Article 45 TRLET), provided that the self-employed worker maintains their contribution obligations.
      • This same criterion shall apply if the self-employed worker is exempt from contributions under Article 24 of Royal Decree-Law 8/2020, of 17 March, on extraordinary urgent measures to deal with the economic and social impact of COVID-19.

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