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Subject: Payment deferments

  • Payment deferments

    • How do I request a payment deferment?
      Category: Contribution and collection > Subject: Payment deferments

      The payment of a Social Security debt can be deferred, as long as certain conditions are met. There is an application form which can be used to request this deferment by submitting it to any of the Social Security Treasury General Administrative Offices, where you can also obtain information and the answers to any questions you may have about this matter. The most practical option is to go to the Administrative Office where the debt is held and request its deferment there. The maximum period for paying back the debt is five years, although the actual period granted will depend on the amount of the debt and the circumstances at the time. The awarding of deferment will incur interest, in accordance with legal financial interest rates.

      If you have a digital certificateyou can apply through the Deferment of payment of Social Security debts procedure in the Electronic Register of Applications of the Social Security e-Office.

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    • What documents are recognised by the Administration as valid for justifying the deferment request application?
      Category: Contribution and collection > Subject: Payment deferments

      There is no list of documents. The Administration may request financial documentation from the applicant, depending upon the complexity of the case, the amount of the debt, the situation of the responsible individual, |Etc. 

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    • Is it possible to defer the debt if the payer anticipates that their economic-financial situation is going to prevent them from paying their debts in the timeframes and terms established under the law?
      Category: Contribution and collection > Subject: Payment deferments

      Deferment may be requested for debts that are within the regulatory payment period. Applications may not be made to defer future contributions for which the regulatory payment periods have not yet arrived.

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