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Information regarding in-person services and telematics

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2. If I do not have a digital certificate or a Cl@ve username, could a relative who does have one apply or file documentation at the National Social Security Institute or the Social Marine Institute on my behalf?

A family member, next of kin or a professional who does have a digital certificate or a Cl@ve username may represent you, therefore enabling you to use our electronic services. You must include a signed copy of the standard representation model found in the accompanying documentation for the corresponding electronic service in your application.

3. How can I get information about my Social Security Number (NUSS), or if I don't have it, how to access the electronic services that require it?

If you need to know your Social Security Number (NUSS) access the “Duplicate membership document” service. In the event you do not have it you can find it via this service.
Up until now, electronic Social Security services that allow access with SMS authentication, primarily for accessing reports, required the introduction of information relating to your Social Security Number. In order to facilitate the user's use of electronic services the requirement to report this information has been eliminated, maintaining identity verification with simple information, DNI or NIE and date of birth, in addition to the introduction of a code sent to the mobile phone number that you provided to Social Security.

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