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Contribution and collection

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How do you ask for a revaluation of your contribution basis-RETA?

As set out in the tenth provision of Order TAS/192/2002, self-employed workers can request the automatic revaluation of their contribution basis. You can make this request through the change contribution basis (Self-employed workers) service. As a result of being personal data protected by the Organic Law on Data Protection, a Class 2 CA digital certificate from the FNMT-RCM which guarantees the security of such data. The e-Office of this website also has information on how to obtain the certificate.

How do you get information on the contribution documents of companies?

The contribution documents and the corresponding instructions for completing them can be found at this same Web page. They are available to citizens at the various Social Security Administrations.

Likewise, with respect to preparing the contribution bulletins (TC -1 and TC -2), applicants can go to the Social Security Treasury Administration  closest to their home to have the bulletins prepared for them  through the program, CALCOTIZ , if their company has less than 10 workers. They can also, regardless of the number of workers, send the payroll list of the same through the RED  and can make payment of the amounts through the account debit system or electronic payment system, without having to prepare a TC -1

How can I arrange direct debit payments through the e-Office?

You can set up direct debit payments to Social Security at the financial institution of your choice. Through this service you can also request a change of bank account, as well as the termination of this payment method. To do this, you must have a digital certificate, and you can carry out this process by accessing your personal details online, using the Direct debit service of the e-Office. If you do not have a digital certificate, this same section will provide you with information on how to obtain it.

How can I correct errors in the Contribution Basis Report?

If you see an anomaly or error in the information provided in the contribution basis report:

How can I find out if my company pays contributions?

The company must display, in a prominent place in the work centre which is accessible to all workers, within the month following the one in which the payments are due, a copy of the Contribution Document or a certified copy of said document. Failure to do so constitutes a breach of Social Security obligations and is subject to a financial penalty.

If this is not carried out, the workers may contact the Inspection of Work and Social Security in order to report said offence.
With regard to requests for information on compliance with Social Security Obligations from companies that can be received by Units of the Treasury General of the Social Security, these can only be dealt with if the applicant is the business person him/herself or a person who can provide proof that they have sufficient powers to make said request, as this is personal protected information which is to be treated confidentially by law. Only the legal representatives of workers from the company (staff delegates and company committees) will be able to request this information.

Workers will have the right to contact the Social Security General Treasury (TGSS) to request a report on their contribution basis.
The request can be made through the Electronic Office, via the following means:

  • SMS “Report on contribution bases" service. By completing the form provided for this purpose. The authentication data must be exactly the same as those entered in the database of the Treasury General of the Social Security. You will receive a code via the same means and can obtain, print and/or consult the contribution basis corresponding to the payment periods in which you were affiliated in a given year and under the different schemes that make up the Social Security system.
  • Service Report on contribution basis" without digital certificate Said report will be sent to the address entered in the database of the Treasury General of the Social Security. If there has been a change of address, this should be communicated in advance to the nearest Social Security Administration and, if the individual has a digital certificate, this can be done via the 'change of address' service.
  • If you have a digital certificate, you can also obtain it directly from your computer. If you do not have a certificate, the page offers information on how to get one.

How can I get a certificate or report showing I have paid my contributions?

Companies using the RED System can obtain it using that system. They can also request it at the Social Security e-Office or at any Social Security Treasury General Administration.

Any person who has been assigned an affiliation number (NAF), if in possession of a digital certificate, can request a Certificate of being up to date with obligations owed to the Social Security, through the e-Office, at the routes specified below:

Entities that have been assigned a contribution account code (CCC) should use the following routes in the "Companies" section:

If not in possession of a digital certificate, a Report of being up to date with obligations owed to the Social Security can be applied for using the following routes:

How do you get collection information?

If you belong to the Special Self-Employed Workers Scheme, Employed Agricultural Worker Scheme, Intermittent Domestic Employees, Self-Employed Sea Workers and Special Agreement,and would like to obtain personal information on last year's receipts and your contribution bases, visit the Bases and payments report service of the e-Office , and follow the procedure indicated in this option.

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