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Requirements and amount


In general:

  • You must be registered as a job seeker for one month and not have refused any suitable job offer, nor have refused to take part in promotion, training or re-training actions without just cause.
  • You must not have income of any kind that, calculated on a monthly basis, is in excess of 75% of the Minimum Professional Wage in force, excluding the proportional part of extraordinary payments.

You must also be in one of following situations:

  • You have used up the contributory benefit and have family responsibilities.
  • You have used up the contributory benefit, do not have family responsibilities and are over 45 years old on the date the contributory benefit is fully used up.
  • You are a returned emigrant from a country that does not form part of the European Economic Area, or does not have an Agreement in place with Spain for unemployment protection, you are not entitled to received the contributory benefit having worked abroad for at least 12 months out of the last six years in those countries since you last left Spain.
  • You have been released from prison and are not entitled to receive the contributory benefit, provided that the imprisonment term was in excess of six months, and people who have had their sentences suspended as a result of having undergone a drug rehabilitation treatment for at least 6 months.
  • You have been declared fully able or partially disabled.  
  • You are legally unemployed, are not entitled to benefit due to not having reached the 360-day contribution period, provided that you have contributed at least three months if you have family responsibilities, or six months if you do not have family responsibilities, and do not have to fulfil the requisite one-month waiting period.
  • You are over 55 years old, having made 6 years' unemployment contributions throughout your working life, and fulfil all retirement requirements with the exception of age, and you are in one of the situations listed above.


  • 80% of the Public Indicator of Multiple Effect Income (IPREM): 426.00 euros/month during 2013.
    • The abovementioned amounts will also be received in the case of unemployment due to loss of a part-time job.
    • Entitlement to medical assistance benefit and, where applicable, to family benefits, under the same conditions as those workers included in any social security system.
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