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ISM in your pocket

What is ISM in your pocket?

At the Social Marine Institute, as the managing body of the Special Social Security Scheme for Seafarers and an organisation providing comprehensive social protection of people working in the fishing industry, we endeavour to fulfil the needs and expectations of the sector in relation to our area of competence. With this commitment and, taking advantage of the possibilities offered by new technologies, we have created the ISM in your pocketmobility app; which has been designed to function on mobile devices and which provides seafarers with an additional channel for dealing with the Social Marine Institute.

This is the first mobility application for a specific group: seafarers. ISM wants this simple, intuitive and user-friendly tool, to streamline the transition towards accessible, efficient management, ensuring that workers can be served from anywhere in the world and at any time. In fact, being able to use a mobile device to carry out all formalities has made it possible to overcome physical and time barriers. In addition, it has been designed considering the specifics of seafarers’ workplaces, mostly ships, and has therefore been adapted to the environment and to all the formalities and needs identified by sector workers.

The application has the following objectives:

  1. Establish a permanent channel of personal communication with citizens.
  2. Enable full e-administration throughout the procedure until its resolution and notification: using secure identification and electronic signatures (permanent advanced registration with cl@ve). However, it can also be accessed via SMS, although in this case not all the features of the application are available. Biometrics can also be set up to access the app without remembering passwords.
  3. Make use of the services available on the mobile device (mail, document store, calendar).

The application can also be used in offline mode (allowing access to downloaded documents saved in My Documents and the features of the device itself); and connected to the Internet (accessing the eGovernment services available through the application, as well as updating documents).

The application is constantly improved by resolving procedural issues, increasing the amount of information offered on the homepage and adding new features on an ongoing basis.

What services does the ISM in your pocket application offer?

The ISM in your pocket app gives users access to personalised information and a range of services and procedures depending on the user's employment status in the Special Scheme for Seafarers. All the services offered by the application are listed below. To access them, simply click on the icons at the bottom of the application screen, which will be highlighted as you select them. However, there are several internal links between the different screens to streamline the use of the application:

  • Home: an overview that provides information on the Social Security registration number, employment status, total time contributed at the time of accessing the app, contribution period for the retirement pension at the time of access, the COE that corresponds to that date, the expiry date of the medical certificate of fitness for sea service, as well as whether the European Health Card is valid and the expiry date.
  • My Documents: offers the possibility to select Health at Sea, Social Security and Medical Assistance. In each of these options, the user has access to the reports and certificates that have been downloaded from the Services option of the application to be viewed even if there is no internet connection.
  • Services: to facilitate the use of services, they are grouped into several blocks:

    • Health at Sea:
      • Reports and certificates:  these are automatically downloaded and saved in the My Documents section when they are accessed:

        • Medical certificate of fitness for sea service.
        • Spirometry.
        • Electrocardiograms.
        • ...
      • Location of hospital ships.
    • Social Security:
      • JUBIMAR retirement calculator. This allows user to simulate the retirement pension to which they are entitled and to calculate their retirement date according to the reduction coefficient of the retirement age.
      • Reports and certificates: these are automatically downloaded and saved in the My Documents section when they are accessed:

        • Employment history report.
        • COE report.
        • Comprehensive certificate of benefits.
        • Report on the worker's current status
        • Special Scheme for Sea Workers contribution data report.
        • Contribution bases report.
        • Certificate of compliance with Social Security obligations
        • Report of employment registration status on a specific date.
        • Report of identification and address information.
        • ...
      • Registration of workers under the Special Scheme for self-employed Seafarers.
      • De-registration for workers under the Special Scheme for self-employed seafarers.
      • Payment calculator for workers.
      • Low income base due to pluriactivity REM application.
      • Elimination of previous registrations/deregistrations REM self-employment.
    • Maritime and health training:
      • Active applications for training courses.
      • Expiry of specific health care training certificate
      • Detailed information on training courses completed with a pass mark.
    • European Health Card:
      • Apply for a European Health Card: it is requested and sent to the address indicated by the user within a few days.
      • Request Provisional Replacement Certificate: this is obtained immediately by adding it to My Documents.
    • Prior appointment:
      • For medical examination for sea service. Allows you to make, check and cancel an appointment at any health at sea centre.
    • For other formalities. It allows you to make, check and cancel an appointment to visit any ISM office.
    • ISM office location.
  • Enquiries mailbox. A means to submit a query or question about any issue of interest to the user which is forwarded to our offices. The title of the query, the subject, topic, matter and the province must be specified.
  • Registration. Allows users to submit applications and documents addressed to the ISM. The document to be submitted must first be downloaded to the mobile device to be attached in the registration process. Moreover, all applications in the registry must be signed, so users must be logged in and to have a permanent advanced cl@ve registration. When the signature process is complete, the application is logged in the ISM electronic register and a registration receipt is downloaded and saved in the app.
  • Notifications. In this section you will receive notifications about the expiry of the medical examination for sea service, COE updates, general notices, etc.

Likewise, the top of the screen features a menu where you can configure the biometrics, among other things. 

Where can you get the ISM in your pocket app?

ISM in your pocket is available for Apple in the AppStore and for Android in GooglePlay. You can download the app from the following links:

Apple Store Google Play

Link to Apple Store

Access Google Play

Once downloaded, how do I log in to access the ISM in my pocket app?

To access the application, you must identify yourself with the Cl@ve permanent advanced registration, which will give you access to all the app's functionalities. To do this, you musts:

  • Go to a Cl@ve registration office in person. ISM offices act as Cl@ve registration offices, so the procedure can be carried out there.
  • If you have a digital certificate or electronic ID, you can also apply online.

If the mobile phone number is registered with the Social Security, you can also access the application via SMS, In this case, not all the features of the application will be available to you because you are accessing the app without a secure ID.

Do I need to remember passwords to access the ISM app in your pocket?

No, you don’t. Once you have identified yourself for the first time with Cl@ve permanent advanced registration, if biometrics is configured in the app, you can access on subsequent occasions without the need to remember passwords, simply using fingerprint or facial recognition depending on the possibilities offered by the user's mobile device. Biometric recognition must be configured in the settings of the mobile device first.

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