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Termination of benefits

  • Grandchildren and siblings: for the same reasons as the orphan's pension (art. 24.a Order 23-02-1967, modified by Royal Decree 1465/2001, of 27 December):
    • For reaching the minimum age set for each case, unless at that time they have a reduced capacity for work evaluated as a percentage grade of absolute permanent disability or severe disability.
    • Due to the end of the disability that granted the right to the pension.
    • Due to adoption.
    • By marriage, unless affected by permanent disability graded as absolute or severe disability. This exception is only applicable to marriages that took place from 23-11-2005 onwards.
    •  Due to death.
  • Parents, daughters/sons and sisters/brothers:
    • By marriage.
    • Due to death.
    • After establishing that the missing worker did not die in an accident.
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