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Return of undue payments

Those who are obliged to contribute or to pay other debts to Social Security are entitled to the complete or partial return of any payments made in error.

The amount returned includes the interest for delay from the date when the payment was made to the Social Security General Treasury up to the date of the proposal for its return.

Contributions or resources paid in for malicious reasons will not be returned.

If the return is to a person who is in debt to Social Security or has been granted an extension or moratorium, the amount returned will be applied to the pending debt or repayment (except in the case of a debt with a generic guarantee).

Requests for returns should be made to the local Social Security Administration Office of the person obliged to pay. If the management of the case is the responsibility of one particular Office, this is the Office empowered to make the return.

Workers in the Special Schemes for: Self-employed Workers, Agricultural employees, self-employed Seafarers, Domestic Employees (domestic employees in private households and permanent intermittent workers) and Special Agreements, can request that their payments be refunded through the e-Office >Citizens > Collection>Refunds of Income from schemes and special systems

They can also check the processing status of their application through this service. To access, you must have an electronic D.N.I  or Digital certificate.

Employers must request the return of their part of the payment as well as that of their workers from the Social Security General Treasury, and pass it on to the workers when they have received it. However, employees can request the return of their contributions directly from the General Treasury if the company no longer exists or if the employer has refused to request the return of their money.

The right to the return of contributions expires four years from the day following the date on which the payment was made.

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