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What is the Settlement Period?

It is the reference period for the contribution bases and rates when calculating the payment.

Payment periods for contributions will be based on whole months, except when shorter or longer payment periods are established or authorised.

Payments must be calculated on the basis of the remuneration in the month of their accrual, regardless of whether the payments must be made within the same time limit or another established for that purpose.

Payments for contributions corresponding to remuneration concepts accrued for periods of more than one month that are paid within the corresponding financial year will be distributed proportionally among the monthly payments for that year.

The proportional parts of remuneration concepts included in the contribution base referring to months that had already been settled, submitted and, where appropriate, paid, as well as backdated increases to bases or rates, will be included in supplementary payments, with the contribution bases for each month in accordance with the bases, limits, rates and other conditions in force in the months to which the wages correspond, listed on separate pages of the TC-2 form.

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