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Required Accompanying Documents

Documents for debt assessment. Two separate payments should be made, each with its corresponding contribution statement (TC series), showing:

  • payment of the non-deferrable contribution
  • payment of the deferrable contribution.

Furthermore, the list of workers on the payroll (TC-2) must be presented in those cases in which this had not already been presented when paying in the contribution of the workers or upon presenting the contribution documents pursuant to article 26 of the General Social Security Act.

In the case of deferral of debts for contributions, the assessment will be the result of subtracting both the amount of the deductions applicable for discounts or deductions of any other kind that the applicant has been granted and has not lost the right to, and the amount of the benefits paid by the employer in the form of delegated payment, from the amount of the deferrable contributions, where both of the former correspond to the same period as the deferrable contributions (except in the case of delegated payment benefits due to occupational eventualities that are deducted from the non-deferrable contributions).

This should be together with a statement acknowledging the debt owed to the Social Security for the requested deferral amount in the application. This declaration must be made up on the existing form, which can be obtained upon request at any Administrative Office or UURE of the Social Security.

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