Telephone Support Service

Social Security offers a telephone service that enables you to send information and carry out various processes over the phone, eliminating the need to visit the office. It is committed to: always answering, providing the information and data required in the shortest possible time and treating it with the utmost confidentiality.

Helpline 901 16 65 65 for pensions and other benefits (INSS)

Helpline 901 10 65 70: automated appointments for pensions and other benefits (INSS)

Helpline 901 50 20 50 for Affiliation, Registration, Collection, Deferments, RED, SLD, Online Services and General Information (TGSS)

Helplines of Social Security offices and other centres

In order to maintain the confidentiality of your information, all reports and related documents will only be sent to the name and address that we have on our files.

If the details you provide are different from the details we hold on our database, we will send you a form (postage will be paid by the addressee) that enables you to simply update your details so that, once we are certain of your identity, we can send you the requested information.

To help us deal with your query more easily, please have the necessary documentation to hand: DNI (National Identity Document), NAF (Registration Number), CCC (Contribution Account Code) etc.

Helpline 901 16 65 65  for pensions and other benefits (INSS )

  • The same telephone number is available throughout Spain, offering direct, personalised help from Monday to Friday (except holidays), from 9am to 8pm.
  • This specialised support and information service provides:
    • Information relating to the requirements, applications, documents, procedure and formalities necessary for accessing or maintaining benefits from the Social Security system, as well as applicable regulations for the various cases.
    • Guidance and help for using the electronic services available in the Social Security e-Office and website.
    • Specific and detailed information on the processing of records and on the recognised benefits: relapse ruling, benefit payments, revaluation, minimum supplements, incompatibilities and concurrent pensions, variations, modifications and amounts.
    • You can use this service to request a European Health Card, which will be sent to you by post at the address on record at Social Security.
    • You can also consult information about any aspect of Social Security that the INSS is responsible for.
    • Calls may be recorded for quality and security reasons. Rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition may be directed to the General Secretariat of the National Social Security Institute, Padre Damián, 4-6, 28036 Madrid.

Helpline 901 10 65 70: automated appointments for pensions and other benefits (INSS)

  • This is a phone line which automatically manages appointments for procedures relating to pensions and other economic Social Security benefits.
  • This service, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, can be used to make appointments in CAISS (Social Security attention and information centres).
  • To make an appointment, answer out loud or push the buttons on the dial pad, following the instructions indicated at each step.
  • The automatic system will ask which procedure you want to make an appointment for, your postcode in order to find the closest office, and your DNI or NIE number.
  • Next, the system will offer you the first available date, and if you want it, will require confirmation. If you prefer a different appointment, you can change it to a later one.
  • When your appointment has been made, the system will provide you with a locator code.
  • You can cancel an appointment with your DNI/NIE and the locator code.
  • Recommendations for using this service: in a noisy environment it will be more difficult for the system to understand you.

Helpline 901 50 20 50 for Affiliation, Registration, Collection, Deferments,RED, SLD, Online Services and General Information (TGSS)

This helpline will be available from Monday to Friday between 09:00 and 14:30. 

It provides information on the following areas:

Option 1

RED System or Direct Settlement System.


Technical problems with the RED System or Direct Settlement System. 

For technical and computer problems related to the RED system (Digital certificates, Software installation, Correspondence, etc.).


Problems with temporary disability medical certificates in the RED System or the Direct Settlement System.                                              

For problems with Temporary Disability medical certificates.


General information and problems in the management of the RED System or the Direct Settlement System.

For any other type of information, inquiry or problem in the management of the RED System (Sending files, Use of services, etc.).

Option 2

Social Security Treasury General Online Services in the  Social Security E-OFFICE .


Technical problems with TGSS Online Services

For technical and computer problems related to TGSS online services.


General information about TGSS Online Services

For any other inquiry related to TGSS online services.

Option 3

General Information

For general Information inquiries about: Worker affiliation, registration, termination of affiliation and data changes. Company registration and the assignment of contribution account codes. Special Agreements. Contributions and payment collection. Deferment and payment in instalments. Credits.  Any other information relating to the management of the Social Security Treasury General.

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