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Acreditación de vivencia

Spanish Social Security pensioners residing abroad must periodically accredit their residence, for which purpose they must present every year, within the first calendar quarter, a proof of life issued by the Competent Authority of the country of residence, in the year of control, which accredits their residence in order to continue receiving the pension they have been recognised as receiving.

This year,the deadline for submitting the proof of life will be 31 March 2023, which must be sent to the Provincial Directorate of the INSS that manages your pension, information that has been communicated to pensioners in the notification of the pension revaluation.

Alternatively, pensioners residing abroad can prove that they are living abroad at the Consular Civil Registry Offices, and by appearing in person or online at the Departments or Sections of Labour, Migration and Social Security.

See link for more information on the Councils: Council of Labour, Migration and Social Security Ministry of Labour and Social Policy (

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