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Accreditation of experience

Spanish Social Security pensioners residing abroad must periodically accredit their residence, for which purpose they must present every year, within the first calendar quarter, a proof of life issued by the Competent Authority of the country of residence, in the year of control, which accredits their residence in order to continue receiving the pension they have been recognised as receiving.

The proof of life must be submitted to Provincial Directorate of the INSS that manages your pension, information that has been communicated to pensioners in the notification of the pension revaluation, during the first quarter of each year.

Alternatively, pensioners residing abroad can prove that they are living abroad at the Consular Civil Registry Offices, and by appearing in person or online at the Departments or Sections of Labour, Migration and Social Security.

See link for more information on the Councils: Council of Labour, Migration and Social Security Ministry of Labour and Social Policy (

As an alternative to the above, proof of residence can be provided by a new mobile application called VIVESS, based on biometric facial recognition.

VIVESS is a completely free application, available for mobile phones with Android and Apple operating systems, which will allow pensioners of the Spanish National Social Security Institute living abroad to accredit their living experience from anywhere in the world and without having to travel. Once the pensioner has completed the accreditation of residence through this application, they will receive immediate justification of the completion of this procedure and subsequent confirmation from the INSS, without any additional formalities.

VIVESS mobile application. Accredit your experience

VIVESS is a new mobile application that will allow pensioners of the Spanish National Social Security Institute residing abroad to prove their residence through biometric facial recognition.

The operation of the APP is very simple, and in three steps you can complete the accreditation process without having to travel:

  1. Download the application
    The download is completely free and can be done through the Apple Store if your mobile phone is Apple, or through Google Play if it runs on an Android operating system.
  2. Registration
    This step is only necessary the first time the application is used.
    Access is possible with:
    - Cl@ve
    • DNI /Foreign Resident Identification Number
    • File no. The file number can be found in the pension revaluation letter that is sent out each year.
    You are required to enter your country of residence and the personal data requested by the application.
    Subsequently, show the selected ID card front and back and smile at the camera.
    The application allows the use of identity documents from different countries.
  3. Accredit experience
    The last step is the accreditation of the experience. After clicking on the "accredit experience" button, you have to smile at the camera again.
    The application will issue a receipt indicating that the accreditation has been successfully completed.

You can watch a video explaining how to use this new mobile application here:

You can download the VIVESS application here:


A number of questions about the VIVESS mobile application have been published under Frequently Asked Questions , which may clarify the most common queries about how it works. They will be updated to include those that arise.

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