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Medical Assistance

This benefit includes both medical and pharmaceutical benefits.

Insured persons/beneficiaries

  • Insured person: a person with pensioner status.
  • Beneficiaries: dependent family members who live with the pensioner, as long as they meet the necessary requirements. 


There are the following types of health care benefits:

  • Pharmacy benefits. 
  • Primary care.
  • Specialised care.
  • Emergency care.
  • Health care transportation and additional benefits.
  • Information services and health documentation.

Recognition of the right

The right to medical assistance for the pensioner and his/her dependent beneficiaries is granted by the INSS , which issues a document that certifies their right. It shall generally be notified along with the decision whereby the pension is granted.

Said document shall be valid throughout the national territory, before the corresponding regional health Administration in each case, both to obtain the individual health card and to use the health services while the card is processed and issued.

Individual Health Card

This is an "individual" and customised document certifying the entitlement to public health care of both the pensioner and their beneficiaries.

Where and how to obtain it:

  • At the Health Centre or Clinic corresponding to the home address of the interested party.
  • At the request of the interested parties by presenting the document proving their status as a pensioner for the purposes of Social Security health care, as well as the DNI  of the holder and their beneficiaries over the age of 14.

Inclusion of new beneficiaries:

Before going to the Health Centre or Clinic to request an individual health insurance card for the new beneficiary, you need to go to the INSS so they can approve the entitlement to receive Social Security health care.


Medical assistance services are provided by the competent bodies of each Autonomous Region and by the Provincial Directorates of the National Health Management Institute in the cities of Ceuta and Melilla.

Travelling through Spain

When travelling around Spain, pensioners and those entitled to medical assistance:

  • Must take their individual health card with them.
  • Are entitled to receive whatever assistance they may need from the National Health System from the health service of the Autonomous Community which they are visiting, under the same conditions and with the same guarantees as individuals resident in that Autonomous Community. 
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