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What is the Internet?

The Internet is a global means of communication that links together millions of computers all over the world and gives access to a huge, dynamic body of information and interactive services. It is growing day by day, as is the number of people who are using it. It is known as the "network of networks", as it is made up of thousands of computer networks all over the world.

In the case of Social Security, the Internet provides users with interactive services, since it acts as the means for exchanging messages between the users and the TGSS. It also gives them direct access to the RED System web site so that they can carry out affiliation processes and various contribution services.

In addition, users can consult all the RED System documentation (manuals, forms, newsletters, etc), on the RED System web site.

How do I access it and what do I need to access the RED System over the Internet?

To access the RED  System over the Internet you need to have an Internet service provider. These providers can offer either free or paid access.

What is an Internet Service Provider or ISP?

ISPs are institutions that provide access to the Internet, usually as a commercial enterprise. Some offer their services to the general public; others only to companies or organisations.

What can I do on the Internet?

The most common, everyday uses of the Internet include:

- Searching for information
- Sending and receiving e-mail
- Making commercial transactions (e-commerce)
- Having real time written conversations (chatting) with other users, who can be anywhere in the world

To use all these functions, the following items are necessary,in addition to an ISP (Internet Service Provider):

- Browsers
- Search engines
- Portals


What use the Internet as the means of transmission?

Because it is the most modern means of transmission that is suitable for general use.
Because it is the cheapest way of communication.
Because you can access it from anywhere and at any time.
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