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SILCON Certificate

What is the Digital Certificate and why is it necessary?

The Digital Certificate is an electronic security and privacy device that guarantees the integrity, identity and non-refusal of electronic communications.

It is necessary because communication between the users and the TGSS  takes place over the Internet and for this to be possible, the security of all communications over the network needs to be guaranteed. In our case, this is achieved through the use of a SILCON Certificate, which is provided by the TGSS as a certification body.

What does integrity mean?

The integrity check is a security service that makes it possible to check that no manipulation has occurred to the original message. The integrity of a message is obtained by adding some check data to the message.

What is identity?

This concept refers to the fact that every time data is sent and the SILCON Certificate is submitted, the sender's identity will be fully visible. It is as if the data sent were signed by the person sending it with their digital signature.

What is non-refusal?

Non-refusal is a security service that makes it possible to check the participation of both parties to (i.e., both ends of) the communication. There are therefore two possibilities:

- Non-refusal at source: The sender cannot deny that he sent the data because the recipient has proof of its being sent.

- Non-refusal at destination: The recipient cannot deny that he received the message because the sender has proof of delivery.
Having a document and the associated digital signature will be effective proof of the contents and the author of the document.

What is encryption?

Encryption is a security measure that modifies a message so that its content is unreadable, except by the recipient. Unencryption, the opposite of encryption, makes an encrypted message readable again..

The SILCON certificate also uses encryption, so that the sender of a message can be sure that only the recipient can read its contents.

Can anyone who has a SILCON Certificate access the RED Services?

No. All those who have a SILCON Certificate can access the information about their work status that is available on the RED System. However, to use the RED Services, you must be an authorised user.

What does it mean to revoke a certificate?

To revoke a certificate means that it is cancelled before its expiry date. Revocation can be requested at any time, especially if the holder thinks that his certificate key and password have become known to others.

Revocation takes effect on the day that a document is issued with the revocation date, signed and published by the Certifying Authority.

Any digital signature that is used with the key associated with that certificate after the effective date of revocation will not be valid.

What kind of Digital Certificate do I need to access the RED System?

To access the RED System over the Internet it is necessary to have a SILCON Certificate.

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