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What is RED Direct?

 RED  Direct is a new transmission mode within the RED  that is intended to help small and medium-sized companies meet their obligations to the Social Security over the Internet, using a real time, direct connection to the TGSS .

To guarantee the security of information sent between users and the TGSS over a public network like the Internet, it is necessary to use a digital certificate.

The service includes the following areas of action:

  • Contributions: The main actions in this area are:

    • Filling in and obtaining Lists of Named Workers (TC2) and automatically generating Receipts for Payment of Contributions (which replace the current TC1 form).

    • Obtaining Payment Receipts for Payment of Pending Contributions.

    • Applying for worker contribution payment receipts.

    • Making Payments: This can be done in various ways, depending on the payment method chosen by the user:

      • Direct Debit. Contributions can be paid by Direct Debit from the Financial Institution and client account supplied by the user.

      • Electronic Payment: Receipts can be paid at cashpoints, by telephone banking, by Internet banking or by going to the Financial Institution in person.

      Balances Owing: If the contribution payments leave the user in credit, simply presenting the contribution documents over RED  Direct will be considered to be a Request for an Owed Balance and simply specifying the bank account details will process the return of the relevant amount.

  • Affiliation: In this area, it is possible to process affiliation, termination and data changes for workers, and request and consult reports on workers and companies.

  • Submitting Temporary Disability Medical Reports: RED  Direct allows you to submit medical certificates for sick leave, extension of sick leave and medical discharge arising from common contingencies and professional contingencies, regardless of whether these contingencies are covered by the INSS  or a Mutual Society.

  • Viewing Messages: The RED  Direct users can view messages sent to them by the TGSS while online and print them in PDF Format. The messages are stored in the personal mailbox that the TGSS provides to the user.

The purpose of RED  Direct is to eliminate administrative processing using conventional paperwork procedures in order to make it easier and faster for companies to deal with the TGSS and ultimately, to make it possible for processing to take place at your company without your needing to go to the Social Security offices in person.

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