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Instead of submitting paper documents, you can fill in and submit TC2 documents over the internet and get a Contribution Payment Receipt, which replaces the TC1 document. This system will be operative all of the days in the collection period, and will close on the final day of the collection period at 20:00 hours. Contribution Payment Receipts can be paid in different ways, depending on the payment method selected by the user:

  • Direct Debit: Contributions can be paid by Direct Debit from the Financial Institution and client account supplied by the user.

  • Electronic Payment: Receipts can be paid through cashpoints, by telephone banking, by Internet banking or by going to the Financial Institution in person.

If the contribution payments leave the user in credit, simply presenting the contribution documents over RED Direct will be considered to be a Request for an Owed Balance and it will only be necessary to give the details of the bank account into which the corresponding amount will be paid.

Other available services in the area of contribution are:

  • Obtaining a first draft of TC2s and Payment Receipts

  • Changing your chosen method of payment and bank account details

  • Querying documents submitted and printing duplicate copies

  • Obtaining Payment Receipts for pending contributions.

  • Cancelling Documents

  • Applying for worker contribution payment receipts

Currently, the contribution feature only works for Contribution Account Codes that belong to the General Scheme (0111) and use the following payment types:

  • Normal Payments L00

  • Supplementary Payments L02 (supplementary payment for back-pay accrued during dismissal proceedings)

  • Supplementary Payments L03 (supplementary payment for wages paid retroactively)

  • Supplementary Payments L09 (other supplementary payments)

  • Supplementary Payments L13 (paid holidays not taken)

The process of contributing through RED Direct has the following steps:


  • Internet connection. You enter the system in different ways, depending on the Digital Certificate that you are going to work with:
    • With a Silcon Certificate, you access RED Direct on the website, from the “RED On-Line System” icon in “Links of Interest”. You will be asked for your Digital Certificate and password. If this is correct, you will enter the Social Security services. You can access the Online Contribution services through the “RED Services” option.

    • With an electronic ID, you get to RED Direct through the following URL:

      You will be asked for the password of your electronic DNI  and if it is correct, you can access the Social Security services. You can access the On-line Contribution services through the option “RED Services”.

  • Introduction of the Digital Certificate (SILCON or e-DNI). To enter RED Direct, you will be asked for your Digital Certificate and password. If this is correct, you will enter the Social Security services. You can access the Online Contribution services through the “RED Services” option.  

  • Select the option “Fill in a TC2” to submit a TC2 form.

  • Enter the CAC for the person making the submission and the payment type to be processed.

  • You should enter the contribution bases of the workers included in the payment and the hours worked if they have part-time contracts, as well as any other information that affects contributions: overtime, allowances for continuing training, etc. You must also include any Special Situations (e.g., periods of Temporary Disability) for any workers that these affect.

  • Then you will get a rough draft of the List of Named Workers (TC2) and the Contribution Payment Receipt, plus the possibility of querying the calculations for each worker.

  • After selecting the Method of Payment and approving the Contribution Payment Receipt, you will get your final (real) List of Named Workers (TC2) and Contribution Payment Receipt.

  • For Normal Payments L00: the following month, the TC2 document that was approved for the previous month will appear as a draft and if there were no changes to the workers listed in the GAF , all you have to do is confirm it to get the TC2 and Contribution Payment Receipt.
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