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Procedure for economic benefits for a dependent child or minor in foster care

The general procedure is presented below.

What is the economic allocation per child or minor in foster care?

This is a non-contributory family benefit for each dependent child of the beneficiary under the age of 18, or older if affected by a degree of disability equal to or greater than 65%, independent of the relationship, including minors in temporary and permanent foster care or in pre-adoption, as long as the established requirements are fulfilled. From 1 June 2020, this benefit can only be claimed by dependent children  under 18 years of age, with a disability of at least 33% or older children with a disability of 65%.

What formalities are necessary?

Applicants must submit:

  • The appropriate application form for each case.
  • The required documentation to prove their identity and the determining circumstances to receive the benefit.

Where is it processed?

The application and documentation needed for each situation should be submitted to any Social Security Information and Support Centre.

Acknowledgement of the right to the economic benefit is the responsibility of the National Social Security Institute (INSS).

When does the benefit start?

The right begins on the first day of the calendar quarter following presentation of the application.

This same criterion is applied when the family situation changes, implying an increase in the allotment.

When do benefits end?

The changes that cause the right to cease or be reduced will not take effect until the last day of the calendar quarter in which they occurred.

This same criterion is applied when the family situation changes, implying a decrease in the allotment.

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