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Procedure for requesting the Special Agreement during the situations of active contributor status without remuneration, fulfilment of public duties, permits, and leaves.

Below are details of the general procedure

Who can apply for it?

Workers in active contributor status without remuneration, during the fulfilment of public duties, permits, and leaves which do not give rise to leave from work and during which the obligation to make contributions persists.

When does it have to be submitted?


  • 90 days following the situation determining the special agreement.
  • At any time.

(*) The presentation periods affect the date on which the agreement takes effect.

What formalities are involved?

They should submit Form TA-0040.

Where is it processed?

In Person:

In the Provincial Department of the Social Security Treasury General or Administration corresponding to the address of the applicant.


Through the e-Office, if you have a digital certificate.

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